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Make-up artist on why you shouldn’t smile while applying blush

Although the position of hitting blush varies from person to person, smiling can be a bit misleading. You see, the smile lifts your cheeks and helps them form full, bright circles – this is helpful to know where you will naturally blush, but those apples will sink. get back to your resting place right after you relax.

As a result, “The position of your blush is actually lower with a straight face,” notes Compton, which can create an illusion of sagging. Instead, when you apply blush with a relaxed face, you’ll know exactly where to plant in order to achieve that radiant, glowing inside, radiant smile.

Plus, Compton adds, applying blush on a relaxed face can keep the formula from forming wrinkles. Again, because smiles lift your cheeks, the pigmentation on the edge of your apple can form into fine lines as they lower again.

So how should you put on blush makeup without radiant in front of the mirror, you ask? Simple: Click on your blush (like this one dream ice cream from Alima Pure) on your cheeks and blend inwards for soft fullness or outward towards your temples for more lift and clarity. Both techniques work great and you can tune it follow your face shape.



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