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Man Utd OUTSIDE European Super League, Ed Woodward RESIGNS, LATEST Glazers, Sir Alex Ferguson and Beckham spoke


Man City and Chelsea sparked the fall of the cursed European Super League in a glorious victory for human strength.

The two Prem giants were the first in the hated Big Six to wave white flags and condemn a £ 4.6 billion breakup into the early graves.

They were followed by Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United, while Spanish clubs Barcelona and Atletico Madrid also withdrew less than two days after announcing their disregarded plans.

City released a statement just hours after manager Pep Guardiola mocked the plans, arguing they were “not a sport”.

It read: “The City has officially issued the procedures to withdraw from the group that are developing plans for the European Super League.”

Within hours, Liverpool released their own statement which read: “Our participation in the proposed plans to establish a European Super Cup has been stopped.”

It followed pressure from Reds captain Jordan Henderson and the rest of the first team, who tweeted: “We don’t like it and we don’t want it to happen.”

United, who together with Liverpool as head of the conspiracy, issued their own statement: “We have carefully listened to the response from our fans, the UK government and stakeholders. other key. “

Arsenal and Spurs then issued their own unfortunate apology to the Gunners insisting they were only registered so they wouldn’t be “left behind”.

“The reaction from supporters in recent days has given us time to reflect and think more deeply,” Arsenal said.

“We never intended to cause such heartbreaking events.

“We didn’t make the right decision here, which we fully accept.

“We made a mistake and we apologize for it.”

Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy added: “We regret the anxiety and discomfort caused by the ESL proposal.

“We would like to thank all the supporters who presented their considered opinions.”

The evening began with hundreds of Chelsea fans protesting blocking roads around Stamford Bridge, leading to the postponement of last night’s 0-0 draw with Brighton.

Blues legend Petr Cech had to reassure fans and tell them: “Give us some time.”

Then boss Thomas Tuchel announced: “I am confident my club will make the right decisions.

“The owners know this game is about competition.”

Before the match, the Blues bosses were preparing to draft a resignation, while Man City informed Super League bosses that they were gone.

Wembley chiefs, pro-Prem and backed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have promised 14 other top clubs they will refuse to allow the Big Six to join the rebel coalition.

Former England captain Gary Lineker rejoices: “We’ve got our ball back.”

The FA and Uefa welcomed this information after the English football regulator previously threatened not to sanction any Super League match in England.

“It was a proposition that could split our game, but it unified us instead,” they said.

“We want to thank the fans for their influential voices over time.”

Previously, former Prem coach Richard Scudamore was spotted entering the Federation’s Paddington headquarters ahead of the virtual club meeting, leaving Spurs president Daniel Levy sued despite admitting to “concussion. “to the nation’s backlash.



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