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Life “that I love deeply, I want it to constantly develop for me. Until my last breath, I will learn, take every sip of life, take risks, endeavor feats perhaps. will never be successful, always looking for and discovering new discovered lands “. The narrative of Marisa Laurito, born in 1951, 70 on April 19, follows her story through memories, portraits, choices, important people, experiences, love, disappointments and reincarnation, in her autobiography, Una vita scapricciata (Rizzoli). The book, emphasized by its fascinating blend of lightness and depth, opens up so many lives that the actress, the host and in recent years are also an artist. of her creation through paintings, vases and photography) knew she lived after she had submitted Hypnotic retreat sessions: from the story of an 18th-century French woman who gave up ease and her family to find true love, to pemangku, a Hindu priest in Bali, where Marisa Laurito considered her second land, after beloved Naples.

The present life, the life he defines as ‘scapricciata’, has always bravely overcame it, often a rebel, one who is generous and open to others, in a supported viaticum by friends who became ‘family’: by Marina Confalone (whom he shared in various reckless adventures in his twenties) with Luciano De Crescenzo, from Nori Corbucci to Renzo Arbore, from Elvio Porta arrived at Mariangela Melato. On the other hand, as her mother reminded her, when she was born, at midnight on April 19, 1951, in Naples, in the next house, an opera-loving neighbor was singing Turandot’s aria, with “Vinceroò”. . “By telling my story, I want to motivate someone to feel the same joy as me on this so-called life journey – he explained – happy with what you have, but not afraid.” fear, and at this point in my existence, I can say that I lived without saving for myself.

On the other hand, she had a clear idea of ​​her career as an actress from a young age, discovering the joys of dressing and dressing up by her mother (who died too soon), who always understood her. The rebellious teenager, in the ’68s, is far from the classic role of wife and mother, where she wants to meet her father (however, thanks Laurito for teaching her the discipline needed to succeed. Cong, ed), 20 years ago, the first basic meeting of her career was the meeting with Eduardo De Filippo, who immediately took her in and helped her change lines so she wouldn’t put text. ‘r’ on too many tests. An art guru known as ‘bad’ Marisa Laurito argues: “He’s very strict and makes his job a reason to live – he explains – everything costs him with sacrifice.” birth and loneliness “. His arrival in Rome was also marked with courage, in a newspaper, at first, constantly without money and in houses (first shared with Marina Confalone) where light was often cut off. A period when she also worked on other jobs (from plaster mixer on a construction site to baking); she opposes the producers and curator’s willingness to approach, and she also throws herself into ‘reckless’ auditions like Fellini auditions, throwing herself for attention, before her car. In the artistic path, including theater and experimental theater, as well as cinema, great success came to Quelli della notte in 1985: “The characteristic of this group is that they never take themselves seriously: no. success always comes to mind, sometimes thanks to God it is only for the wallet ”.

He said: “Being light on our existence is a necessity for me – like always looking forward to the future without ever forgetting where I came from, my past, my history and traditions. That is the starting point ”.



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