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MEAN * proposed 3D printed concrete design for houses in Emirati

As part of a design exercise, MEAN * (Middle East Architectural Network) created three 3D-printed proposals for contemporary majesty, an Arabic architectural term that often refers to the secluded area of ​​a house that is used as the front living room for reception and reception hospitality. Made to cross the boundaries of 3D printing on concrete, MEAN’s three prestigious designs * – Capsule Pod, Fluid Space, and Folded Walls – each explore building methods and architectural styles to meet the different lifestyle needs of contemporary emirates.

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Every 3D printing The majlis design emphasizes accessibility to natural light, a curvaceous form and an open, flexible interior with foyer, restroom, kitchenette and open living area that can hold between 18 and 25 guests sit. The Majlis can also be developed as a standalone structure or as an attached appendix to an existing home.

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Rendered trapezoidal 3D printed concrete structure
Render sofa sink below the skylight

“With the advent of concrete 3D printing technology, modules Strategies can be envisioned to match the challenges and potentials of these technologies to enable the creation of faster, more spatially flexible accommodations at eco-speed and affordable prices. , ”Explained the designers in a press release. “MEAN * simulates the spatial quality of this type with 3 options for the space depending on the requirements and lifestyle of the residents.”

Living room rendering with narrow windows along walls and ceilings
render of large beige sofa near spiral staircase

Suggested 25 seats, minimalist Capsule Pod majlis will be built with prefabricated Concrete sections will be hoisted into position with glass gaps in between to allow natural light to filter through. In contrast, the 22-seat Fluid Space is a subdivision of the existing home and will include a 3D-printed shell and roof, each built separately. The interior focuses on a recessed, organic-inspired seating area below the large skylight on the roof. The third great proposition, known as the Folding Wall, has a variety of smooth trapezoidal walls and has their own printed textures in place.

+ MEAN * (Middle East architectural network)

Photo via MEAN *



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