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Meaning, 6 signs and more

Although it is possible that people often assume that arrogant and autism are inherently linked, this statement is not only false but also hurts and offends the autistic person.

Gayle explains that narcissists have a sense of self-importance and are in desperate need of excessive care, admiration, and confirmation. “Underneath the appearance of extreme confidence is an extremely fragile sense of worth, easily punctured by even the slightest criticism,” she said. “Narcissism is a personality trait and a person’s way of interacting with the world is primarily about self-esteem, maintaining a certain prized image of himself and outwardly towards others.” , maintain control and power, and that is a manifestation of inner fragility. “

Autism is very different from narcissism. “On the contrary, implied autism is a sexual predisposition or is an overarching term that describes various sexual behaviors and beliefs directed towards themselves without regard to one’s self-esteem, Their empathy for another person or their need for another person’s endorsement, ”explains Gayle.

Vitale adds: “The hardest part of being autistic is navigating other people’s opinions and misconceptions about narcissism. “Many people still tend to feel narcissistic when I discuss my autism or my implied autism experiences, even when they don’t try to be hostile or mean. The prevalent tendency to associate autism with narcissism only shows how much our society discourages people from truly appreciating and loving themselves. It’s okay to be attracted to yourself, admire yourself, and fall in love with the love you have for yourself, whatever love it is. “



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