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Meet Sparked, Facebook’s new speed dating app, is in beta

No profiles, no ‘swipes’, no direct messages, and free. This will be Sparked, the new Facebook dating app that will choose who you will speed speed dating on.

April 15, 2021

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In further efforts to help users find love, Facebook are testing Spark , one Video speed dating app . Here we let you know how it works.

On Twinkle their website conceptual description of this dating application as “Video dating with friendly people” . Among its features it mentions There will be no public records It also doesn’t work with ‘swipe’. to rate other users , as in Tinder and other similar applications. Besides, It will not let you send messages directly before you have an appointment and it will free .

The application description emphasizes that Kindness is key Become part of the community. When signing up, users should write what makes them become “pretty” quotes for others. Sparked explained that the answers would be “Human has reviewed” before users can get quick updates.

A Facebook confirmed by the spokesperson Sparked’s existence and call it one “initial test , “according to the statement The Verge . He also noted that at this point it was only in one “Small beta testers . “

Don’t look for a partner, Facebook’s Sparked finds her for you

Although the app will not show public profiles, to register you must have Facebook account and answer a questionnaire. There you will specify whether you want to meet men, women or non-binary people and if you are willing to date transgender people.

Image: Sparked through The Verge .

Obviously, the application will be there two ways to set up meetings . On the one hand, it is speculated that the system will form pairs based on the relationship shown by their data: characteristics, interests, etc. Then you will bring them together in video speed date lasted four minutes.

If the meeting is successful and short “Both are having fun” They can schedule a 10-minute second video appointment. Only after this and in case both are still interested, the platform will allow them exchange their contact details and continue to “fan the spark” through Instagram , iMessage or email .

On the other hand, The Verge portal has access to a topic page on a Chicago dating event that 47 people have signed up to attend.

It’s not clear how many ‘appointments’ a person will have per event or if they’ll connect to these appointments via the website. Also do not know if they need to download or not Twinkle on their smartphone, as no apps are active in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Sparked, the next step after the Facebook couples

Twinkle will be the second platform to find partners by By Mark Zuckerberg Social Network. In 2019, Dating on Facebook began operations in the United States and to Mexico under the name Facebook Couples September 2020, to relieve loneliness caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This works like most dating apps: users can view each other’s public profiles, submit ‘likes’ or equivalent positive feedback, and wait for a ‘match’ to initiate the conversation.

Sparkle’s The video dating trend matching initiative that dating apps like Coupling , Tinder and Buzz was made.

This reacts to the fatigue of a segment of users, who are already tired and indifferent to the idea of ​​browsing through hundreds of resumes just to get rid of the majority of candidates and then swapping some messages. rarely leads to a date. Don’t even talk about finding a viable partner.

In this case, advantages of Sparkle First and foremost, it saves the user the process of selecting potential candidates. It also helps them bypass text messaging to go face-to-face or face-to-face with a video call meeting, where they can meet without fear of false photos, as well as read their body language. enemy. Can speak more than a thousand direct messages.

Would you give Spark a chance?



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