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Meg Boggs’s 4-step push-up is for every body

MBoggs for example doesn’t think she will be able to do push-ups. In fact, the coaches told her she needed to lose weight first. In her new book, Bodybuilding for all body: Strong, Confident and Strong of all sizes, Boggs call BS about such claims. Know that anyone, of any size, can do the push-ups at the right pace.

“I was told I couldn’t do push-ups, and I should focus on trying to lose weight first because it will be easier,” said Boggs. “And that really confused me.” After giving birth to a daughter, Boggs began to build strength. The push-ups are actually quite similar to push ups. So she decided to try. “I can’t do a full exercise yet, but the fact that I can hold myself plank on my hands and toes is enough because I couldn’t do it before,” she said. she said.

From there, she gradually began to work hard to keep trying, and during each training session, she would do one or two push-ups just to see if she was improving. And what she soon realized was her is already can do them simply by getting stronger and through practice, even though her body (say: the size of her body) hasn’t changed.

Boggs put together a four-level push-up to help the others conquer push-ups. “That’s my hope for progress, because I really think everyone can do it – regardless of your size, no matter where you are in your training journey. push, ”she said. “We firmly believe that is not the case, especially for women.”

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If you’ve been brainwashed to think push-up modifications aren’t real push-ups and therefore, wary of any kind of progression, Boggs wants you to get rid of that mentality. She likes to think of them as variations to replace. “That’s really all – if you’re doing the push-up against the wall, it’s still good for you and you’re still going to do push-ups on the ground, with your toes,” she said.

Boggs doesn’t like chasing numbers. Meaning, she doesn’t believe you need to do hundreds of push ups for them to count or for your push-ups to improve. “You always see push ups like,” We’re going to do 100 push ups a day for a month, “she said. “But that’s not really possible for many people and It sounds awful, really – not happy at all. Instead, she recommends starting small when you need it and noting that it doesn’t matter if you can never do 100 push ups, or even more than a few at once. .

Finding success by approaching her motivational journey in this way was what helped her to give up the culture of dieting once and for all. “All my life, people have seen me as useless, and I won’t deserve it until I reach a certain size,” said Boggs. “Do push-ups give me a chance to see myself in a different angle, and understand that the goal doesn’t have to be seen in a certain way, but maybe the goal is to improve my performance. The performance aspect is something that people don’t give to oversized people a chance to experience – it’s all about losing weight and you can never improve your performance as an athlete. pills and a human. “

Boggs notes that her newly discovered push-ups changed her overall mobility and made everyday tasks easier, regardless of the fact that her weight isn’t. change. “The way I navigate my life and my experiences around the world, it’s completely different,” she said. “And that is why I wrote this book, because I feel this message needs to be conveyed. Everyone needs to know that you can grasp fitness, you can grasp movement, without feeling deprived and limited in life. My advice is don’t doubt yourself and remember that wherever you are is exactly where you need it, and that’s perfect.

Meg Boggs 4-level push progress

Each level in push-ups consists of four exercises with three sets each. Each level of progress begins with the plank hold, followed by the eccentric push-up, the standard push-up and the final variation is the plank-hold. Level 1 starts with standing, using a wall to mimic the ground and each level then brings you closer to the ground.

As you feel more comfortable at Level 4, replace the strip push-ups with standard push-ups with your toes. If you’re still having trouble completing an avatar, that’s okay! Try to push the standard out of the way while your body is warm, but not exhausted. If you still want to bow, continue to Level 4 for a little longer until you’re ready to try again.

1. Wall / Stand

  • Keep half of the board high, 3 sets of 30/20/10 drop
  • Eccentric push (Full reset), 3 innings 5 ​​times
  • Promote, 3 innings 5 ​​times
  • Hold the board with one hand, 3 sets of 10 seconds / arm

2. Counter / Tilt

  • Keep the board high, 3 sets of 30/20/10 drop
  • Eccentric push (Full reset), 3 innings 5 ​​times
  • Promote, 3 innings 5 ​​times
  • Hold the board with one hand,3 sets of 10 seconds

3. Bench / Tilt

  • Keep the board high, 3 sets of 30/20/10 drop
  • Eccentric push (Full reset), 3 innings 5 ​​times
  • Promote, 3 innings 5 ​​times
  • Reject high boards, 3 sets of 10 seconds

Note: You can use a bench, sofa, a chair – anything slightly lower than the counter height.

4. Ground / board

  • Keep the board high, 3 sets of 30/20/10 drop
  • Eccentric push (Full reset), 3 innings 5 ​​times
  • Resistance-Band-Support Push Up, 3 innings 5 ​​times
  • Diamonds hold the plank high, 3 sets of 10 seconds

Hold the board: Place hands shoulder-width apart, palms flat on the surface (or widest part of palms on corner of surface using tilt), feet hip-width apart, and shoulders right above wrists.

Eccentric push (Full reset): Slowly lower your body (aim for four to five seconds). If push against a wall or counter, reset it by taking one foot forward as you reach the bottom and resetting the high board. If leaning against the bench, reset by gently dropping your knees to the ground as you reach the bottom to lift yourself back up into the high plank. This exercise allows you to focus on the descending part of the push up slowly and in control.

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