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Merkel: ‘My mistake is locked, I’m sorry citizenship’ – Europe

“If it was a mistake, it must be called like that and must be corrected in time”. This was declared by Angela Merkel in a statement issued shortly after the brief meeting between the State and the Regions in which has canceled the Easter super key. “I know this brings more and more insecurity beg forgiveness The Prime Minister added. Angela Merkel then confirmed that she wanted to cancel the decision on holidays (also known as ‘Ruhetage’) scheduled in addition to regular holidays at the end of Easter: “They won’t go into effect.” affirmed, the decision made at the summit two days ago was in fact not “achievable overnight”. he pointed out that it was his mistake, but also insists that “it is done for a good reason and that is to slow down the third wave and make the spread curve come back”

Merkel admitted her personal “mistake” about the super congestion during Easter and once again apologized also in Congress, after the announcement was made to the press, and the House of Representatives clapped their hands. “I’m sure that We will defeat the virus“, he then added.” The road is uphill, full of thorns and flaws, “he repeated, but in the end the game won.

These four minutes of Merkel are history“, Bild wrote online. And it is not the only German paper to show such respect that it provokes” stories “for the excuses demanded by the German Prime Minister, after admitting one. ” mistake “. “Weakness and greatness”, headline Sueddeutsche Zeitung, under which today’s gesture “will be recorded in history books. It demonstrates the ability to reflect on itself, which we want to see in others”. Instead, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote: “Just make excuses”.


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