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Meteora International Group announces name change to Izles – Press Releases

Seattle, United States, 09/22/2022 / SubmitMyPR /

Meteora International Group, a Washington state holding company, announced today that it has changed its name to Izles International Group (IZLES.CO). As a company aiming to expand the reach of emerging artists and support startups, the new name reflects this vision. The new name underscores the company’s focus on creativity and commitment to artisanal ideas. It also serves as an opportunity to streamline the names of their subsidiaries.

Izles International Group (IZLES.CO) manages and develops a broad portfolio of companies focused on promoting artists and supporting start-ups through its various services.

“The word Izles is synonymous with the words spark and ember. Every single idea – a written book, a work of art, a designed garment – it all starts with a small ember, a tiny spark. An inspiration that ignites to create something. A creative Das Izles needs a chance to take off. Izles embraces this with the diverse offerings we have designed to encourage creativity. For aspiring artists who need to bring their art to a wider audience, a new writer who needs guidance on getting their work published, or a budding entrepreneur who needs help with branding and design, or even someone who is pushing their individuality through wants to express clothing or fashion that expresses their courage,” says founder Roxanne Macmod.

Izles International Group aims to achieve these goals through the services of its various subsidiaries:
Izles Consulting – Marketing, communication, creative and events
Izle’s publisher (formerly known as Aegerine Publishing) – Design, copyright, launch, print, digital adaptation and distribution
Izles art – Opening Summer 2023 – Marketplace for art products/services, online gallery, lifestyle art shop, art consultancy
Izles apparel – Opening in Spring 2023 – Apparel design and online retail company
Izles Boho Kulture – Opening autumn 2022 – Online…

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