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Mexico is the country with the most sugar fathers according to the SeekingArrangement dating app

If you’re interested in being a ‘sugar baby’, in Mexico there are about 183,302 ‘sugar daddies’, which reveal data from SeekingArrangement, the world’s largest ‘sugar dating’ app.

April 16, 2021

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The volatile economies in Mexico and Latin America have caused many women, mostly young, to become ‘sugar baby’ . That is, they seek the ‘patronage’ of mature men with the economic capacity to satisfy their needs, tastes, and whims, who are often called ‘sugar fathers’ . In this case, Mexico Leading the rankings is the country with the most ‘donors’ for these girls, according to data from SeekingArrangement dating application .

An analysis of SeekingArrangement , the The world’s largest ‘road date’ application, revealed that in Mexico about 183,302 ‘sugar dad’ available. This represents 34% of all subscribers in Latin America.

In second place is Brazil , with 141,725 ​​’papitos’, followed by Colombia with 73,745. For its part, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Panama have 540,000 444 people working on Latino sugar.

The figures represent amount Registered members since 2006, year dating apps were created.

The background attribute of the increase ‘sugar daddies’ in Mexico to two main factors. On the one hand, our country is the second largest economy in Latin America and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected economic growth of around 5% by 2021. On the other hand, the COVID-19 preventive vaccination and the US stimulus package are worth 1.9 trillion. dollar, showing signs of recovery and boosting the Mexican economy.

In other words, quantity the men have enough budget behave as if ‘Sweet gentleman’ of one or more women increasing.

How does the relationship between his ‘sugar daddy’ and ‘sugar baby’ work?

According to this background, the relationship between these types of men and the women it sponsors is not a simple exchange of money for a company or other interests.

Father sugar Not only do they provide financial aid, they can also be mentors, providing their expertise as financial instructors. Examples of payment for services, rent and lifestyle of so-called ‘ babbies sugar ‘ Explains Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of SeekingArrangement.

“In addition, they can assist the opportunity to obtain contact and advance their careers , among other things, to improve the aspirations of future professionals while they are still in college, “he said. more.

And what do they get in return?

“These men feel secure dating younger and more active people who can share their same tune and aspirations,” SeekingArrangement spokeswoman Rachel Uchitel said. She explained that these rich men looked for younger people because they did not find a mental match between them and potential spouses of the same age.

SeekingArrangement is currently the world’s largest street dating site, with 22 million members globally. According to them website , both ‘grown men’ and ‘girls’ looking mutually beneficial relationship, according to their own terms. “

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