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Meyer, at La Scala there is no pink quota but the genre code – Music

Ecology and high technology, but also includes: La Scala di Milano has decided to commit to gender equality. “This Covid moment also helps to set different things and I think that a job is necessary based on equality of men / women, on wages, on professional treatment,” said director Dominique Meyer. Like ANSA announced that a code of conduct to protect the dignity of female workers. “I wish it was ready before the summer,” he added. However, cryptography is just one of the areas where theaters intend to move. There are three principles and they cover the enhancement of the female composition of the organization chart and the space for artists. “There are a lot of rules in the show – the general manager insists – and better be organized. This Covid moment also serves to put things in place.” “We have to make young people understand that if they have talent, they will have a chance,” he added.


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