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Michael W. Arnold Shares His Work-From-Home Blueprint That Allowed Him To Be Successful Without Sacrificing Other Priorities – Press Releases

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2021 / In late 2020, work-from-home author Michael W. Arnold released his comprehensive guide to a self-driven career, Slacking Off: A Successful Way to Work from Home. Arnold’s guide is both a practical workbook and an enjoyable read with engaging exercises. Slacking Off is a must-have book for readers who work from home and want to learn how to hold their lives together in a fun way.

Arnold was inspired to write by his own experiences and his journey to become more productive and focused while working from home. His experience working from home includes both working for himself in his commercial finance business and for multiple large companies including listed companies and international conglomerates.

Slacking Off highlights the most common mistakes that people make while telecommuting or running their own businesses from home. Arnold, who has worked remotely for major corporations across a wide range of industries, tackles issues like procrastination, boredom, and time management. Slacking Off is a roadmap to becoming a successful work-from-home worker without succumbing to confusion or, worse, returning to the 8-hour in-person corporate grind.

Anyone who works from home can benefit from Arnold’s insightful reflections. Unlike other titles in the field of remote work, Slacking Off includes time-tested strategies implemented by the author over the course of decades. Arnold’s work includes advice about maintaining a positive work-life balance and managing priorities. He shows you how to avoid potential pitfalls, and is more than a one-sided narrative about the benefits of working from home. The author also provides a practical aspect to the book as he provides tools and exercises to guide readers on working from home, making it more than just a theory-based book. This is particularly important to Arnold because he wants to show people that it’s not only possible to achieve your target goals, but he did so while still having plenty of time for family and other points of passion.

Slacking Off is a flexible guide that can apply to a variety of situations. Even students or those who work from home on a part-time basis can benefit from Arnold’s pragmatic approach. Reviewers describe Slacking Off as ‘simple yet powerful’ and applaud Arnold’s ability to make key concepts ‘digestible and relatable.’

As the world continues to grapple with the effects of quarantine and the future of remote work as a viable full-time possibility on a broad scale, Slacking Off is a particularly timely commentary on what workers can achieve from the comfort of their own homes.

Michael W. Arnold has over 15 years of work-from-home experience, with skills that range from business management, efficiency coaching, strategy, and more. Throughout his journey, Arnold has learned from his own mistakes, leading him to publish his first book, Slacking Off: A Successful Way to Work from Home. Slacking Off: A Successful Way to Work from Home is available for purchase on Amazon.com and major retailers.

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