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Michelle Kam Discusses common issues to avoid when buying investment property

Investing in a real estate requires a high level of commitment. Before buying, investors should diligently research and compare properties and personal considerations with their choices. Without this initial facility, many people would lose hard-to-obtain money and even real estate debt.

Professional real estate broker Michelle Kam Know the common problems investors face when buying a property for the first time. With years in the real estate industry, Michelle built the City Accord Realty Inc. agent. and improve your expertise as a member of Re / Max Brand in Toronto, Canada.

As an authority figure in the real estate industry, Michelle Kam wants to discuss the common mistakes new investors make when buying real estate. She hopes that one can find a profitable investment while being aware of these problems even in the beginning.

Poor planning

One of the deadly mistakes you can make when owning real estate is ineffective planning. Michelle highlights three types of poor planners:

  • Haphazard Planners: People who think they can make plans as they go, only researching after making their big decisions.
  • Half-ninth planner: The planners’ problem is not the timing of their research but the content. They are not included entire range about what needs to be researched for their investment.
  • Don’t plan anything: Some investors make emotional decisions about an asset without doing any investigation. This shows red signs of a lack of planning skills, leading to investment failure.

Real estate brokers can help individuals with real estate purchase planning. If you are new to the real estate investment game, it is best to “stand on the shoulders of giants” as they say to avoid making mistakes.

Real estate investment growth

Think you’ll be rich in no time

While it is understandable that real estate investment is the cornerstone of financial independence, this does not necessarily mean that a new investor will get rich instantly. There are several aspects of a person’s budget and financial situation that need to be considered when buying a property. Michelle Kam emphasizes significant spending on a real estate:

  • Full upfront with your savings and expenses: Don’t jump in as soon as you have enough upfront money for a property. Having enough money also means you’ve set aside enough for your savings and expenses.
  • Finishing costs: At the end of a deal, there are miscellaneous fees that can be summed up into a large amount. Some investors are surprised at this amount, but it is important to be prepared with cost ends.
  • Interest rate: If you don’t pay the full cash on most properties, you must understand the lender’s interest rate scheme. Whether it is your bank or another lender, you need to find a rate that is competitive and suitable for your financial situation.

The rule of real estate is to put “big money” and see profits gradually over time. Any genuine and long-term investment is ineffective by seeing immediate returns. Profits happen when a person takes work, calculates risks, and predicts growth for years to come.

There is no solid career relationship

If you plan to take your real investment strategy seriously, it is essential to have a strong relationship with a team that can help you find potential properties. The best relationships in the real estate world exist with common interests.

According to Michelle Kam, this is another common mistake investors face – thinking that they can be successful alone without the help of people already experienced in the real estate sector. To gain a foothold in the investment sector, you need the following experts on your team:

  • Real estate agents: They are your initials See a specialist Learn current markets, consider your custom needs and calculate the long-term value of your real estate options.
  • Property appraiser: These experts can help you determine the right valuation for an asset, whether you are buying or selling. Well calculated property prices mean that you will stay competitive in the marketplace, and will not pay exorbitant prices in the buying market.
  • Maintenance team: This is especially important for investors looking to work on foreclosed assets. An honest, dedicated maintenance team to refresh your property is essential to success.
  • Document group: Lawyers, notaries and other members of the documentation team are needed to help you create and validate real estate files seamlessly for multiple properties.

Having a great team in place will save you a lot of time and effort while ensuring that you are not being taken advantage of as an investor.

Cash flow forecast

Don’t consider how the real estate cash flow works

Even with a methodical investment, many people still fail if they do not understand the real estate cash flow correctly. Many real estate investors want to go on streets with lots of properties and rent them out passive income. There are considerations when implementing this strategy as one should calculate collateral and competitive rental rates.

In addition, the investor must also know about managing multiple real estate investments with a real estate manager. Unless an individual can spend hours and energy maintaining and managing tenants, they must also understand the cost of maintaining a rental through a manager.

There are also costs associated with buying and keeping property. These include maintenance, taxes, repairs, connection fees, and utility bills whether you own a commercial or residential property. Taking into account your expenses fully and aligning them with your real income can help you succeed as a real estate investor.

Smart investment is through diligence and network

In all of these mistakes, Michelle simplifies that the main draw from success in real estate is doing diligent research and networking. When you spend time researching real estate, considering spending, and setting up your team wisely, you can get a positive cash flow even as a first-time real estate investor.



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