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Migrants: shipwrecked off the coast of Libya, fear of dozens of victims – Africa

Dozens of migrants are missing, according to a report from Sos Mediterranee, and fear is that they drowned in the sinking of a rubber boat off the coast of Libya. According to reports from the crew of the Ocean Viking, 130 people rode in a rubber boat trying to cross the sea in forbidden sea conditions in which the trail was lost in the northeast of Tripoli. So far, 13 corpses have been seen at sea but have not been recovered.
Today – Luisa Albera, coordinator of Search and Rescue aboard the Ocean Viking said – after hours of research, our worst fears have come true. The Ocean Viking crew members witnessed the dire consequences of the sinking of a rubber boat northeast of Tripoli. On Wednesday morning, alarms were triggered for the same boat with about 130 people on board “.” In the absence of effective government coordination – added Albera – three merchant ships and the Ocean Viking cooperated to organize the search under extremely difficult sea conditions. Today, as we searched relentlessly, amid the lack of support from the relevant maritime authorities, three bodies were discovered underwater by the merchant ship My Rose. A Frontex plane discovered the body of a rubber tricycle shortly thereafter. We have not found any survivors since we arrived at the scene today, but we have seen at least ten bodies near the wreck. We are heartbroken. ”(ANSA).


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