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Minari, is still a Korean family that won an Oscar – Cinema

It is certainly not the surname of Parasite, of the much nicer MINARI. It’s the class struggle in Seoul, this is the American Dream, a hymn about nature, faith and borders. That would be fate, there is still a Korean family racing for the Oscars. Last year, Bong Joon-ho’s cynical family took home among other things that symbolize his most prestigious, best film, this year Lee Isaac Chung’s six-time Oscar won covering major categories. But the two films couldn’t be more different: The parasite was in fact rooted in a kind of Korean neo-realism where the poor ‘stink’, instead Minari was born in the sign of get on well.

In the film, the fourth movie is written by Chung, son of immigrants from Korea, who grew up in Arkansas, written and directed, and the director recounts his personal borders through his ordinary life. often of a family, on his own, that causes a heart attack. and gradually become your family, everyone’s family. Produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B, the film won numerous awards at the Golden Globe, Sundace and Bafta, about the meeting of two worlds, by Jacob (Steven Yeun), recently emigrating from Korea, who is hunting for his dream, he dragged his family from California to Arkansas, to embrace the life of a farmer in the remote Ozark (“I bought this land for its color , “he said proudly).

We’re in our eighties and Jacob (perhaps not surprisingly a Biblical name), tired of being a puffer sex man he shares with his wife Monica (Yeri Han) – a job that determines the life and death of these creatures (male -, along with their two children, David (Alan Kim) and Anne (Noel Kate Cho), go to a house on cake. car in the void of nature in Arkansas It wouldn’t be easy for Jacob to live his dream of growing Korean vegetables to sell to his fellow countrymen who have immigrated to the United States: the earth has its own divine law. and then it takes water to bless it. Everything seems to be against him, even when Jacob is on his side Paul (Will Patton), a ‘madman in God’ who helped him I am in the field when, on Sunday, he does not drag the cross through the streets, and Soonja (Yuh-Jung Youn, the great Oscar candidate), the grandmother, is also mad and grim, is a mix perfect between tradition and transgression. She will be the one who grows along a stream, almost secretly, Minari, a spicy Korean herb that tells a bit about the movie, with more prosperity during the second growing season. Exactly like Jacob’s family, capable of taking risks and getting lost, but only letting the next generation fulfill their dreams.

Chung thought about this movie when he realized he wanted to tell his daughter what his parents made sacrifices to come to America and what the family meant to him: “If I could let Give my daughter a story to see, which story I will choose.- Chung explained – I have recorded eighty visual memories dating back to when I was about my daughter’s age. The big quarrel between my parents in Arkansas to the quarrels of my grandmother who burned half of our farm. When I looked at them I thought maybe this was the story I always wanted to tell. . “Academy Two announced that Minari will be in theaters in Italy on the first day of its reopening in theaters, on April 26, just after the night of the Oscars.



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