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Minneapolis Daunte Wright’s Funeral Preparations | News News

A US police officer faces charges of manslaughter for shooting Wright on April 11 not far from where George Floyd was killed last May.

Minneapolis, Minnesota – The Midwestern city of Minneapolis is mourning on Thursday as they prepare for Daunte Wright’s funeral after a winning week for the city’s burgeoning civil rights movement.

Wright, 20, a black man, was killed by former Brooklyn Center Police Officer, Kim Potter on April 11, at the Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis. Potter is white.

Potter’s body-mounted camera footage appears of the 26-year-old veteran mistaking his gun for a Taser during a chaotic car stop. She used to be was charged with manslaughter in Wright’s death.

Civil rights leader Pastor Al Sharpton will eulge Wright, telling the story of a young man loved by friends and family less than a year after he did the same with George Floyd.

A court found former Minneapolis Police Derek Chauvin guilty of second- and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter on Tuesday in the death of Floyd, a black man.

Chauvin, who was white, was kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes after being arrested for using a alleged fake $ 20 note. Minneapolis police initially said Floyd “died after a medical incident during communication with police”.

Darnella Frazier, then 17, filmed the May 25 incident on his phone and posted it on social media – which sparked protests and final accusations against Chauvin and three scenes. other Minneapolis. The remaining three are scheduled to be tried in August to support and support Chauvin.

Sharpton told MSNBC on Thursday morning: “I think we are in for a very serious moment about the real opportunity to tackle the police reform issue.

The city expected massive rallies ahead of Chauvin’s rulings, but the mood quickly turned to celebration as the guilty verdicts were read out – a feeling still in the chilly air of Minneapolis.

Pastor Al Sharpton comes with Daunte Wright’s family and friends to attend the public launch at the Shiloh Temple’s International Ministries in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA [Octavio Jones/Reuters]

The climate has cooled but still sad Funeral workers visited the Shiloh Temple in northern Minneapolis on Wednesday when Wright woke up. His body was housed in an open coffin, covered with red roses.

Floyd’s family will attend the funeral on Thursday.

” comfortable”.

Hussein, who has become the leader of a local movement that demands accountability and equal treatment under the law, appeared at two press conferences on Thursday. He asked the crowd of about thirty people to continue to put pressure on the criminal justice system.

“The clock is ticking for someone in our community, we just don’t know who,” Hussein said during a second press conference in front of the Hennepin County Government Center, where Chauvin was convicted.

“The police will kill others in our community.”



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