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Minneapolis: Tensions skyrocket, protests Tuesday night – North America

Tensions were in Central Brooklyn, a suburb of Minneapolis, on the third night of the protest provoked by a police officer killing 20-year-old African-American Daunte Wright.
TV images showed crowds protesting in front of police stations, despite the fact that the curfew would go away within minutes and despite the bad weather. The situation is still under control at the moment, even as we sometimes see throwing stones and bottles at the reactive staff with tear gas cans to drive away the protesters. Also released some tear gas. The police broadcast loudspeakers to invite people home, claiming it is illegal to gather together.

A fragrant sapling hangs in the rearview mirror. If what the mother of a 20-year-old man was killed by the police in Minneapolis is true, this is the reason Daunte Wright was taken out of the car, to meet her fate. This version was the one given by the guy himself during the last call to the woman, a few seconds before he died. “He told me they stopped him because of the deodorant on that mirror, I heard the fear in his voice, he scared the police,” Katie Wright said through tears. “I cannot accept the reason for confusion,” he added, referring to the police’s argument that the deadly gun was blatantly mistaken for a special-service gun. According to the autopsy officer on the victim’s body, there is no doubt: it was a murder. Willful or negligent will be established by investigators and judges.

“The policeman who shot him has to pay for his responsibility,” repeated Katie. And that representative was also a woman, who broke the silence, announced her resignation immediately, as well as her department head, Tim Gannon. The policewoman is known as Kim Potter and she is a veteran who has served in the Brooklyn Central Police Department for more than 26 years, in the suburbs of Minneapolis where the tragedy occurred. Potter has been on administrative leave to wait for a decision by the authorities. “In the meantime, we know what we must do to move forward: restore trust and ensure accountability so that no one is above the law,” said the President’s warning. American Joe Biden, who a few hours earlier. Make a call for calm after the urban war scenes that have rocked the capital Minnesota. And, despite the curfew, the city had turned into a battlefield, the spectacle of stoned and bottle clashes against officers firing tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowd.
Meanwhile, demonstrations in support of events in Minneapolis are raging across America. From New York to Washington, from Seattle to Los Angeles, many Black Lives Matter activists and non-activists took to the streets for justice. The most critical situation occurs in Portland, Oregon, where groups of Antifa fighters clash with police and try to break into several government buildings.



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