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Minnesota continues to protest about black murder police | Black Lives Matter News

Protests continued on Tuesday night at the Brooklyn Center in the US state of Minnesota following the death of Duante Wright, a black man shot by a white policeman while stopping traffic.

On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters gathered at the heavily guarded police headquarters, where police dressed in riot and National Guard soldiers watched.

After night fell, many protesters maneuvered bottles and other ammunition over the fence in front of the police headquarters.

State police declared the rally illegal and ordered the crowd to disband before 10pm curfew. The announcement caused clashes between police officers and protesters.

American media reported that protesters fired fireworks and tossed objects at police who launched tear gas, non-lethal bullets and flash-bang bullets and tried to repel the crowd, US media reporting.


The third night of the protest was held the same day when the Minneapolis police, who injured Wright, 20, and the sheriff called the murder clearly an accident, both resigning before the affair. civil unrest.

The mayor of the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, said the two quit their jobs a day after the sheriff told reporters that the police shot Wright appeared to have pulled out a gun by mistake when reaching for her Taser.

Mayor Mike Elliott said the City Council had passed a resolution call for layoffs of both Sheriff Tim Gannon and the officer, Kim Potter.

“I hope this will bring calm to the community,” Elliott said, adding that he has yet to accept Potter’s resignation, open to his wish to fire her. “We want to send a message to the community that we are taking this situation seriously.”

Elliott expressed sympathy for the protesters, whom he felt were motivated by fear rather than by lawlessness.

“What I see is young people, many of them look – they all look like Daunte,” Elliott said. “And I can feel their pain. I can feel their anger. I can feel their fear. ”

A police officer holds a tear gas gun while standing guard at the Brooklyn Central Police Station [Leah Millis/Reuters]

Terminating Potter’s job, rather than allowing her to resign, could negatively impact the 26-year-old veteran’s pension and his ability to find future work in law enforcement.

The move comes after two nights of protests and clashes between protesters and police in Central Brooklyn, part of an area that has competed with the trial. Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer was charged with the murder of George Floyd in May last year.

Floyd, 46, who died in handcuffs with his neck clamped in the street under Chauvin’s knees, became the face of national protests against racism and police brutality. that swept the United States last summer.

Dozens of people were arrested at the Brooklyn Center on Sunday and Monday nights amid looting and clashes between activists and police.

Reporting from the Brooklyn Center, Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher said: “You can see the anger in the community here is not going away, even with those resignations. They want to see something more important, something more substantial.

“We have seen people here throw bottles and kicks at the passing police cars. Then the police declared it an illegal gathering, that’s when we started to see tear gas and the police moved in in significant numbers.

‘I just shot him’

As the mayor stated earlier on Tuesday, relatives and Wright supporters gathered near the Minneapolis court, where Chauvin was in court and told reporters of his death.

Wright, who struggled with a learning disability and dropped out of high school, is remembered as a loving, kind man who does a lot of work to support his two-year-old son.

Floyd’s two brothers appeared at the press conference with Floyd’s girlfriend, Courteney Ross, who hugged and kissed Wright’s mother, Katie, and said that she used to teach Wright at school.

Wright’s deadly encounter began when police dragged him into the car because what they said was the car registration expired.

According to Gannon, the officers later discovered an arrest warrant for him in their system. When Wright pulled away from an officer and climbed back to his car to escape, the second policeman, since being identified as Potter, accidentally pulled out a pistol instead of her Taser and opened fire. , he says.

An autopsy revealed Wright had been stabbed in the chest with a stroke. Potter could be heard on the police video shouting: “God, I just shot him.”

The car then rolled away with Wright still in the driver’s seat until it collided with another vehicle and stopped.

Activists raise their hands as they confront law enforcement officers in the Brooklyn Center [Nick Pfosi/Reuters]

The memory of Wright’s mother and other relatives focuses on his last moments.

Katie Wright said her son called her after he was dragged in and she offered to reconcile with police over the phone. She said she heard the police order her son, who seemed confused, get out of the car, followed by a scuffle and an officer asked him to hang up the phone.

She said Wright’s girlfriend, who was traveling with him in the car, finally picked up the phone and between crying and screaming, told her he had been shot.

“She pointed the phone toward the driver’s seat and my son was lying there, unresponsive,” said Katie Wright, sobbing. “That was the last time I saw my son.”

Wright was killed just 16km (10 miles) from where Floyd died while under house arrest for allegedly passing through a fake $ 20 bill.



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