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Mogol: Featherlight Mongolian Luxury

Considered some of the finest fabrics in history, cashmere and Merino wool have gained almost mythological status for their lightness and comfort. These exotic materials can only be obtained from specially bred goats and sheep and the effort to keep these animals, plus the sheer demand for these materials, means extra work. cashmere and merino wool has a high price. For example, a cashmere scarf from Hermès or Loro Piana will cost you $ 1,304 (S $ 1,750) or more. Seeing an opportunity to bring these products to the masses, Donald Siegel founded Mogol International, a company specializing in up feathers made of 100% cashmere and grade A Merino wool, made in Mongolia and is sold for only a fraction of the price of big fashion houses.

Set foot on Singapore’s sunny shores in the early 1970s, Siegel saw a land of opportunity. Over the years, he has run a number of businesses in Singapore. Prior to founding Mogol, he ran the Turning Point Con Concepts Ltd., which organizes international seminars for spa professionals. Through these workshops, he got to know an American anthropologist who ran adventure tours in Mongolia. In 2009, she invited him to join a family horseback cruise through central Mongolia. While there, the harsh beauty of Genghis Khan his home country deeply claws in his heart.

Bayanzag (“The cliff of fire”)
Khongoryn Els (“The singing sandbars”)
Tsagaan Suvarga (“White Stupa”)

Loving Mongolia, Siegel made many trips back to the country and eventually started doing many different businesses there. During his travels, he learned about one of Mongolia’s most important industries: the cultivation and production of cashmere. Most of the world’s Grade A cashmere is produced in Mongolia and it is the nation’s most important export after gold and copper. During his time in Mongolia, Siegel learned more about the industry and developed relationships with his leading manufacturers. Through these relationships, he learned that there was a need for high quality wool and cashmere wool accessories, which were being sold at incredibly high prices in the market. If one can bring similar quality products to market at a lower price, then this will be a great business opportunity.

Therefore, Mogol was formed to meet this need, specializing in feather shawls made of 100% Mongolian cashmere wool or 100% Merino wool imported into Mongolia from Australia. Ironically, the idea of ​​focusing on the shawl came to Siegel, not on the cold savannahs of Mongolia, but in the tropical jungles of urban Singapore. The climate in Singapore is hot and humid year round and so most indoor locations have air conditioning installed to compensate, leading to uncomfortably chilly offices, restaurants and shopping malls. .

In such cases, a Mogol feather shawl is a perfect accessory. Weighing in at just 50 grams, they’re fine enough to fit in a purse or bag, and cozy enough for use in cold or windy situations. Mogol produces shawls in Mongolia and designs them in classic colors, making them suitable for casual and casual clothing events in any climate or season. Mogol’s feather shawl is best summarized by the Company’s slogan, “a great way to beat the cold”.

Before launching Mogol, it was important for Siegel to choose the right supplier for his business. There are two main considerations when choosing a carrier. Specialized machinery was needed to make the fine woven fabric in feather shawls and the limited number of Mongolian manufacturers had this capability. Based on these factors, he looked for suppliers based on their standards of quality, consistency, reliability, and ease of communication.

Since the techniques used to produce fine woven fabrics pose challenges to sustainability, it is important for Siegel that the selected manufacturer has taken on environmental responsibility and adhered to strict protocol of the Mongolian government on waste disposal to reduce any environmental impact. Ethical treatment of animals is also a concern. Mongol breeders breed traditional beliefs of Buddhism and Shamanist, who advocate respect for the environment and all forms of life.

After finding the right supplier, Mogol was established as an online retailer, providing brand-to-consumer (B2C) and corporate-to-business (B2B) services. Pay quickly and securely with Paypal or Braintree on their website and the feather shawl is shipped to customers around the globe in attractive gift sets with quality assurance and return policy in 14 date if any item is damaged or different from what was already there. ordered. Mogol also offers large quantities of shawls in either promotional or specified sizes and colors.

In addition to the specialization of luxurious fluffy shawls, another thing that sets Mogol apart from other brands is the Private Label service, which means the manufacture and supply of shawls under the customer’s brand name. . This service is primarily targeted at retailers, hotels and resorts.

The relatively low price of Mogol’s feather shawl is also one of the brand’s selling points. By maintaining production in Mongolia, Siegel was able to cut production costs and provide them at affordable prices despite using premium fabrics.

As a relatively new business, Mogol’s future still awaits. When asked what is next for Mogol, Siegel commented, “We’re just getting started.”

Mogol’s main focus at the moment is to sell its feather shawl through B2C online and wholesale B2B, then build Mogol into a large-scale B2B business. In addition to the shawl, Mogol is also co-located to produce cashmere as well as blended sunglasses, which are manufactured to the customer’s designs and specifications.

We’ll follow Mogol’s fleece lining from here on with special care, and trust us, you should too.

To learn more about Mogol International and their feather shawls, visit their website using the link below:




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