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Monarc Sport has built a robot support to help athletes train

The pandemic has greatly affected the world of sports. Athletes have had to adjust and find ways to hone their skills. Fortunately, Monarc Sport has developed a robot midfielder perfect for this job.

The Seeker has stepped up and helped some of the big names in this year’s NFL. And it is also a useful training tool for college teams. Read about the company’s invention and journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What businesses do

Provides Seeker, the world’s first robot midfielder.

Niche business

Provides a complex option for training alone.

Co-founder Igor Karlicic told Small Business Trends, “Before The Seeker, most players couldn’t practice alone because of a person’s physical need to throw soccer at them. While there are a number of other products on the market that try to replicate that action, none are as sophisticated as The Seeker.

How business began

As a school mission.

Karlicic studied at the University of Iowa, where he worked on a project to link tracking equipment with pitchers. Shortly after, Karlicic met the co-founder Bhargav Maganti, a design engineer at Boeing at the time. They developed the concept together for over nine months and founded Monarc in late 2015. They quit to run the business full time in 2016.

Biggest victory

Helping customers famous in pandemic times.

Monarc released the latest version of Seeker in 2019. And they don’t expect much demand from individuals. But everything will change in 2020.

“The coronavirus spread rapidly, shutting schools across the country and forcing sports leagues to postpone their respective seasons,” Karlicic said. This prompted a sudden interest in Monarc’s technology. Today, nearly two dozen professional NFL players are using The Seeker for training, and tournament stars George Kittle, Hunter Henry, Mohamed Sanu and N’Keal Harry have joined as investors. Several NCAA soccer bots are also using The Seeker to improve performance counts and track player performance. “

The biggest challenge

College football closed.

Pandemic completely changed Monarc’s market in many ways. Previously, they mainly focused on college players and teams. So the shutdown has made a big impact.

Maganti added, “One major obstacle we encountered was the cancellation / postponement of the game in COVID-19. As a new company, we have plans for a number of college programs using Seeker throughout the spring and summer. When bots were closed, we revolved around assisting individual NFL athletes looking for a safe way to continue gaining representation, and so #QuarantineQuarterback was born. In lieu of a few new college clients this year, we have an abundance of NFL players to use and support for Seekers and we look forward to continuing on our path to be a key player in training. Soccer “

The biggest risk

Adopt completely new technology.

Maganti explains, “We use ultra-wide bandwidth (UWB) tracking and we need to trust that the industry will grow, capture the potential of this technology and continue to evolve and support it. If this doesn’t go well, we won’t be able to have the funds to develop an alternative. In the end, however, we picked a winning technology and it gave us a head start on integrating something other companies are increasingly adopting.

Lessons Learned

Handling important chores in the house.

“Much of the Seeker-related technique is done indoors,” says Maganti. We oversee all aspects of engineering design and implementation, but we have experimented with contract technical assistance in the past. Our experience is that shortcut solutions never change, and we’re always getting the job done. Whenever we can create something on our own, the results will be significantly better. Outside help is tempting, but if we could go back, we wouldn’t have spent any time and money reducing our burden ”.

How will they spend an extra $ 100,000

Bring in new talents.

“We want to expand our team to increase customer support and develop / release new features,” Karlicic said.

Traditional Teams

The Monarc Bowl.

“Our entire team goes to Northwestern University or the University of Iowa,” explains Karlicic. Both are in the West of the Big 10, the schools play together every year, so we officially turned it into a holiday dubbed the “Monarc Bowl.” The stakes are high because bragging rights last until next year’s match. “

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Images: Monarc Sport, Bhargav Maganti and Igor Karlicic



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