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Money laundering! What money laundering? The lawsuit against Matraimov has ended – The Diplomat

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The Kyrgyz authorities said they were unable to find evidence of Matraimov’s money laundering allegations, even though thousands of words written by investigative journalists have outlined in detail.

Raimbek Matraimov, the notorious former deputy director of the customs of Kyrgyzstan, has published by the Kyrgyz government those who said they could find no evidence that he was accused of money laundering. This is not a surprising turning point in the ongoing corruption story in Kyrgyzstan, a highly ranked issue. repeat survey of what the Kyrgyz people believe is their country’s biggest problem. Corruption in Kyrgyzstan is an issue that successive generations of Kyrgyz leaders have been viewed as an important issue, necessary for radical resolution. They then proceed to not dig too deep into the socket.

In October 2020, the notorious former deputy director of the customs of Kyrgyzstan was arrested and subsequently quick release, allegations of corruption are pending. A few months later, in December, the United States Matraimov is indicated for Global Magnitsky Act sanctions.

But in February 2021, his trial started and finish quickly with a plea agreement: Matraimov admitted charges of corruption, testified against two other customs officials and paid a small fine of 260,000 Kyrgyzstan ($ 3,087), over 2 billion som (1.4 billion som in cash and 600 million som in real estate) he paid for the state of Kyrgyzstan, appears to be part of President Sadyr Japarov economic amnesty plan.

People who watched the case howled at how easy Matraimov was to take his hand. For a man is said to have Support a smuggling empire raised $ 700 million from Kyrgyzstan, and own a luxury apartment in Dubai, the fine is ridiculously small.

A few days after pleading guilty to corruption, Matraimov made a surprise lean back About new fees: money laundering.

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Money laundering is the core of Expanded portfolio of the investigation report is published by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), RFE / RL and Kloop, starting from November 2019, just weeks after the main source of the project, Aierken Saimaiti, was killed in Istanbul. Saimaiti is a money launderer who confessed that he worked for Matraimov in bringing millions of dollars out of Kyrgyzstan.

Instead of being released for house arrest, Matraimov was held in pre-trial detention. But the chain of events looks political from the start. Japarov, like all his predecessors, has made strong anti-corruption statements. Recapturing Matraimov appeared as a testament to the determination ahead of another important election in Kyrgyzstan: a referendum on Japarov’s favored super-presidential constitution. Proponents of the new constitution argue that it is necessary to have a strong hand, one strong man, to solve the severe economic and governance problems that have left many Kyrgyz deeply dissatisfied with the governments in past.

On April 11, the referendum passed. On April 15, Matraimov was cleared.

Based on RFE / RL, The Kyrgyz State National Security Commission (SCNS) said it was halting the investigation. The SCNS quoted The above investigative reports are the basis for Matraimov’s arrest, but claims that their requests to relevant authorities in Matraimov countries are believed to be of no assets.

In simple form: Bishkek phoned Dubai and asked if Matraimov’s name was on any lease. Dubai says “no!” and Bishkek brushed dirt from his hands and shrugged.



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