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Morrisons to replace ALL plastic bags in life with 30p paper bags

MORRISONS will replace all of its plastic bags for life from today with reusable paper bags. cost 30p.

The transformation came after the success of one trial at eight Morrisons supermarkets in August of last year.


The new paper bag will replace the plastic bag for a lifetime.Credit: PA

New paper carriers are 20p cheaper than reusable plastic bags for life, priced at 50p following a price hike in December 2020 to encourage shoppers to bring their own plastic bags.

Morrisons discarded all single-use 5p plastic bags back in 2018 and instead, shoppers can recycled plastic bags are more expensive.

But the supermarket says many customers still leave plastic bags for life after one use.

The retail giant hopes the move will save 3,200 tons of plastic a year.

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Morrisons were first introduced paper bag at checkout in 2019 and a third of Morrisons customers have now turned from plastic to paper.

It now plans to roll out new service providers in all of its 500 stores starting today.

50p plastic bags will remain available in most stores while the new policy applies in stages.

They will first be removed from stores in Scotland starting this month and then from stores in England and Wales next year.

Although made out of paper, the new carriers are reusable, recyclable, water resistant and tear resistant, Morrisons said.

They are 100% accredited by PEFC meaning they are from responsibly managed sources and can be easily recycled.

Sheffield University also conducted life cycle assessments of Morrisons paper bags, finding they had lower carbon emissions than comparable plastic bags.

For those worried that the bags won’t be sturdy enough, the supermarket says they can carry a weight of up to 16kg per bag – the equivalent of 13 bottles of wine.

However, transporting frozen food can be more difficult because condensation from the packaging is more likely to cause paper to decompose.

Shoppers can still buy reusable jute, cotton and woven bags but they will return you £ 2.50, £ 1.50 and 60p each.

Of course, carrying your own bag is still more sustainable and is the cheapest way to avoid extra costs.

Customers who order online shopping will no longer be delivered in a plastic bag once the order has been packed in the store.

According to the supermarket, Morrisons shoppers use about 90 million bags a year.

The retailer says it is currently on track to achieve its goal of reducing plastic by 50% by 2025.

“Removing all plastic bags from our supermarkets is a major milestone in our sustainability program,” said David Potts, CEO of Morrisons.

Last month, Asda announced it is removing free plastic bags for fruits and vegetablesThat means shoppers now need to bring their own or pay 30p for a reusable one.

In October, Tesco doubled its plastic bag price to 20p in an effort to encourage shoppers to carry around.

Iceland Prohibit all plastic bags in stores unless the customer purchases their own 2019 trial.

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