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Most Americans want government-backed job training programs – not ‘free money’

If Americans could choose between more government-sponsored job and skills training and a general basic income, most would choose this according to the Pew Research Center. survey published on Thursday.

About 75% of American adults indicate that it is “very important” for the government to provide more jobs and skills training to the workers.

This is more than double the proportion of Americans (31%) who consider a national income “very important”, the nationally representative survey per 1,000 adults showed.

Global basic income, frankly considered “free money“By some critics, is a public show where every eligible adult receives a check on a regular basis. Countries including Finland and Denmark have experimented with this concept.

About 75% of American adults indicate that it is ‘very important’ for the government to provide more jobs and skills training to workers.

According to the Economic Security Project, a progressive anti-poverty nonprofit co-founded by Facebook, during the pandemic, the average American household received $ 5,500 from three stimulus tests. different.
+ 1.55%

co-founder Chris Hughes.

General inspection helping millions of Americans out of poverty and allow more people to keep up with their normal spending habits even while unemployed, research shows.

This week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti included a version of his general basic income as part of his budget proposal.

The $ 24 million proposition, which needs approval by his City Council, provides $ 1,000 a month to 2,000 households. As with the stimulus test, there is no requirement for how these families spend money.

“We are showing what it takes to fulfill Dr. King’s call for basic income once and for all,” Garcetti wrote on Twitter.
+ 4.21%
“We bet that a small but steady investment for Angeleno households will pay a big dividend for our citywide health and stability and light our nation-wide fire. “

Stockton, Oakland and San Francisco are other cities that have explored universal basic income programs.

Universal basic income advocates like Garcetti expect that three rounds of stimulus tests will Case reinforcement is equivalent to the permanent stimulus test.

The average American household gets $ 5,500 from three different rounds of stimulation tests,

– Economic security project

Recently, 21 out of 50 Democratic senators signed a letter to President Joe Biden calling for him includes periodic stimulus payments for Americans on his Build Back Better package will be announced soon.

But Biden hasn’t said yet whether he favors recurring payments. Regardless, there doesn’t seem to be enough support in the Senate to pass, even through a simple majority.

However, Biden, in its recently announced $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal, is calling for $ 40 billion to “ensure comprehensive services for workers, people who lose their jobs through no fault of their own, in order to gain new skills and get the career services they need. -demand jobs, ”stated a flyer on the proposal.

He is also calling for an additional $ 48 billion in funds to create about 2 million “newly registered apprenticeship positions” specifically aimed at “strengthening the path for more women and people of color” to become in infrastructure jobs.

Meanwhile, in Finland, getting money from the government without strings attached makes Finns happier, but it doesn’t improve their chances of getting a job, a 2019 report found.

In the US, public opinion around global basic income has risen after several Democrats running for president in 2020 are touted. UBI’s version. They join a group of Silicon Valley leaders, including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla’s
+ 1.35%

Elon Musk, who is champion of this concept.



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