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“Most of Nevada’s 2020 election integrity cases are resolved without detecting fraud; recent Republican documents are under review ”

Independent Nevada:

The majority of election complaints filed with Nevada’s top election officials over the past six months in connection with the 2020 election have been closed without any findings suggesting electoral law. violated, even as many Republicans continue to assert that the election is full of fraud and stolen from former President Donald Trump.

Diary obtained by Nevada is independent through a public filing request that 298 election records were submitted to the foreign secretary’s office from early September through Tuesday. It doesn’t describe the complexity of any individual case – such as whether the complainant proposed an inappropriate vote or submitted a spreadsheet accusing thousands of suspicious votes – or Give the names of the complainants or defendants.

Of those case files, 255 – or 86% – were closed because no violation was found, the underlying problem was resolved, or the case was referred to the investigative agency in the diplomatic office.

Only 41 of the roughly 300 applications submitted for the 2020 election have not yet been resolved, of which 15 were submitted by the Nevada Republican Party earlier this month (many entries in the diary list include several). thousand of examples allegedly voter fraud). The GOP and the state had various public descriptions of the scope of their submissions, with the party saying it had filed 122,918 records and the state classified it as less than 4,000 separate reports.



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