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Mourinho just failed, leaving Tottenham – Sport

The former Special Man has now become an expert in waivers: with the same good service as Tottenham is today, experiencing the last phase of the match crisis and the results dragging on for months, José Mourinho has been fired for eight consecutive years in his career. . The Portuguese player’s glorious beginnings seemed so distant, many seasons of living as a protagonist characterized the beginning of his dazzling adventure on the steering bench, from Porto to Chelsea until the historic treble led by Inter. Since then, however, apart from some sporadic achievements, there have been only disappointments, quarrels and traumatic layoffs, which began in 2013 when Florentino Perez decided to end his time in Madrid. His return to Chelsea in 2013 also ended with his sacking, which took place in December 2015, months after winning the Premier League title (his third individual). The identical ending of the adventure at Old Trafford: two and a half seasons, a Europa League, and the inevitable immunity, after taking a collision course, from inevitable routine, to full environment suite, from the dressing room to the leadership. Ultimately, his Tottenham lead lasted 17 months: called in November 2019 to replace Mauricio Pochettino, Mou signed a fixed-term contract until 2023. The first season record was quite good: he He inherited the team in 14th place, ‘which led to the Premier League’s sixth step. But bad in Europe with being knocked out of the Champions League knockout round at the hands of Leipzig. This year’s international journey is equally disappointing, with their debut in round 1/16 against Dinamo Zagreb. After the Everton draw, before Friday’s match, Tottenham are 7th in the standings, 5 points behind the Champions League group. Gary Lineker, former England striker, joked: “The first time he was fired from a Super League club. A surprising waiver, at least in terms of time, though, as in a week Spurs will challenge Manchester City in the League Cup final. “José is an absolute professional, he has shown great resilience during a pandemic – Daniel Levy, the president of Tottenham fired him -. It’s a pleasure to work together, and I am very sorry that the desired result did not come. ” With regard to the 10 defeats that Londoners have suffered so far in the Premier League: never in his career, Mourinho has lost so many in a single season. Getting him to pay the price for the first time by another bench


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