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Muletown Digital markets digitally from large companies to local farms

You don’t need a luxurious office to run a successful digital marketing agency. As Digital Muletown prove, even a working farm can be a headquarters.

Want to read how a bunch of employees at big companies decide to set up their own dealership at a local horse farm? Take a look at this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What businesses do

Provide digital marketing services.

Options include branding, website design and development, ad writing, SEO, and PPC management.

CEO Adam Silverman told Small Business Trends, “We have a very specific approach that we use to help our clients by first building their brand, then the direction of the flow. traffic to their website, which then helps them convert that traffic into leads in the business. “

Niche business

Provide personalized service to all customers.

“We are a small team and very tactical focused on a small group of customers at a given time,” Silverman said. So we are known for giving them results that are their business. Our client is never a number or a project ID ”.

How business began

With a handful of marketers from the bigger companies.

“A lot of our teams have left different larger agencies in the region, focusing on forming a smaller and more agile team,” Silverman adds. So we founded the company to ensure that we focus on results for our customers! “

Big win

Seeing real results.

“We have taken some small businesses from fighting to build their online presence, to having more work than they know they have to do,” Silverman explains. It is astonishing to see these companies evolve into something new and new. Their website works, they increase traffic, they can take phone calls, their business grows. That’s really what we offer. ”

The biggest risk

Recruitment of official staff.

Silverman said, “Moving from contractor to employee is a VERY difficult move, but one of the things I wish I would do sooner after doing it!”

Company headquarters

A local horse farm.

That’s right, the company’s current headquarters is a rural ranch – with actual horses. Before COVID, they actually held group meetings there.

How will they spend an extra $ 100,000

Secure office space.

Silverman added, “I’m really going to use it to position the team. Right now, we are working in our own offices, but our goal is to eventually build a space in the community. When COVID is no longer a threat, face-to-face meetings will begin again and we’d love the space to do so! “

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Photos: Muletown Digital; Adam Silverman, Chris Keseling, Leah Krueger



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