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Murder of Sacchi, Anastasya: ‘I am accused of being a murderer’ – Chronicle

“They forced me to pass because of a murderer, for the lover of my boyfriend’s best friend, but Luca was all to me, I wanted to build a family with him”. Anastasya Kylemnyk, the girlfriend of Luca Sacchi, first testified during the trial of the murder of a 25-year-old personal coach in Rome in October 2019, unable to hold back tears.

Five people were charged in the trial, including the girl herself, charged with trying to buy drugs. “In addition to mourning for not allowing me to live, I have to fight those who accuse me of being a murderer and a lover of Giovanni Princi,” the girl told the judges of the first trial. Luca’s death “was such a blow that I didn’t even want to live. I found myself beside him, I wanted to live with him and build a family,” the girl added.

In the competition, Anastasya recounted the dramatic attacks that took place in front of a pub at the hands of Valerio Del Grosso and Paolo Pirino. “I felt pressure in the back of my neck and a voice ‘give me my backpack’. I fell down, got up and saw Luca two meters above the ground, I don’t understand what happened. I think. he was unconscious, I tried to wake him up., no one around, just us. ” And again: “That evening Princi (who was sentenced to 4 years in prison for selling drugs in shorthand) told us that he had to” hang “a motorbike, perhaps He kept a brown envelope in my backpack, like bread, with the top edge rolled up, telling me there was some money in it. ”

The defendant claimed that in the first complaint, made when she did not know that Sacchi was dead, “she claimed to have walked to the pub and not in my car because I believed Princi did. Something in my car. If that mess happens something’s wrong and I want Luca and I to stay away from this story. “


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