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My Beauty Uniform: Christine Pride

Last year, editor / writer Christine Pride kick her Race Issue Column on Cup of Jo, in which she shares wise, thoughtful advice on everything from friendship to adoption. Readers are regularly asking for her beauty uniform, so here, Christine reveals her best exfoliants, her funny hobbies, and her upcoming novel …

First of all, thank you for becoming Race issues columnist.
I LOVE making columns. It gave me such a meaningful outlet for talking about important things. I read every comment. I found it really, really pleased.

I am so happy. What is your general beauty philosophy?
If I like a product, I will use it forever. My sister samples at Sephora and Birchbox – she has a million things a ounce, I don’t know where to start!

Christine Pride beauty uniforms

Let’s start with skin care.
At night, I wash my face with Aveeno Brightening cleanser. It has a moderate amount of exfoliating agent. Then I put it on BeautyStat Vitamin C Serum, next is BeautyStat moisturizer. Line created by a black chemist, and it really changed my skin. Then, a few times a week, I will use it 1-step exfoliating tissue Bluemercury m-61. I am also obsessed with these things. I will be using them for two consecutive nights in front of a large console or Zoom. I see a big difference.

What about makeup?
I use MAC Studio Fix foundation. I have never applied concealer before but someone gave it to me Concealer is more glossy and i started using it a few years ago and was like, Oh! This is why people put concealer under their eyes! I use Glossier Cloud Paint in Storm to blush and their marker sticks in Topaz.

And for the eyes?
One beauty product that has made a big difference is RevitaLash. It really has helped grow my lashes. And Mascara Dior is my eyelash game. I have tried many different mascaras, but Dior is the best.

Christine Pride beauty uniforms

Tell us about your profession.
I have been an editor at book publishers for the past 17 years. When I was at Simon & Schuster most recently, I edited and published a book of Jo Piazza. We became friends and realized we worked well together. So while I was still full-time at S&S, we started writing a novel together – We are not like them.

Christine Pride beauty uniforms

You can tell us about book?
It is a story about a lifelong friendship between a black woman named Riley and a white woman named Jen. When the novel came out, Riley had just moved back to Philly to work as a news reporter and Jen was married to a cop and pregnant with her first child. Her husband was involved in a shooting with an unarmed black teenager. This event caused their friendship to fall into chaos. They have to compute a lot of races – like many people have done in the past year. They are the supporters of these conversations, implications and insights, so the book hopes to give everyone in book clubs a lot to think about about race in America right now. and what their blind spots may be. And we hope it’s interesting too! It’s a class of romance, celebrating female friendship. It launched on October 5.

That’s interesting.
It is like standing naked on stage. We’ve covered a hot topic that isn’t easy to write, read or speak about – so it’s interesting but full of concern. We are eagerly awaiting the reception.

Christine Pride beauty uniforms

What is it like to write with a friend?
It is difficult! Much more difficult than we expected. Logically, we never live in the same state at the same time. We are working in documentation of Google. Plus, merge writing styles and settle disagreements about what happens, who these characters are – and add to it the race. We went through many difficult moments. It was a good lesson for me because I was very conflict-free and she was much more direct. So it taught me a lot about how to overcome these challenging moments. And then they disappeared! You can hit the patch and continue. We feel very happy that we were able to do that.

Do you feel closer now?
It’s correct. We wrote during the pandemic and George Floyd – High stakes for everything. Conflict can bring you closer; It was a gift for our friendship. You must have a wide range of human emotions in any relationship.

Christine Pride beauty uniforms

Recently, I have seen Instagram post about dressing during the pandemic.
I’m trying to find good moments! To be honest, living alone and being single was a difficult part for me. Have a wonderful work in the New York Times says that even when you’re not dating, the idea of ​​you being able to meet someone – at a restaurant, on a flight – and the tiny daily hope that your life can change change and another, something I definitely missed out on this year. You are not more likely to sit in your apartment.

Christine Pride beauty uniforms

Do you have any hobbies?
I’ve always been such a person, I should have hobbies! I work very hard? Is reading a hobby if I do it for a living? I’m also a fan of TV. I think I’m a better book editor because of everything I watch on TV. Having your finger on the zeitgeist is important.

What books did you love?
I read 20 to 30 books a year for fun and then all my job was to read on them – lots of books. Every book I’ve ever published is a favorite, but in terms of books loved by others, I would include: Americanah, Random Family, Just Mercy, The God of Small Things, The Middle Place, Let’s Take the Long Way Home and Trained. I like stories that are emotionally structured, from a global perspective, and that go deep into relationships, culture, and social justice.

Christine Pride beauty uniforms

How do you care for your hair?
I relax every few months at a place in Dominica in Harlem. Relaxation causes loss and breakage, so I try to use products that strengthen and moisturize my hair. If I wear it curly, I take a shower and let it air dry; then I use it Ouidad conditioner and Ice cream roll, more Jane Carter Nourishes and Shines for moisture. If I blow it out, I use it Redkin Anti-Fracture Treatment and Biosilk Moisture Serum. After blowing and flattening it, I sprayed it with These are 10 Miracle Shine Spray to shine.

Is there anything else you love about the whole that we haven’t talked to yet?
I really, really, really enjoy training for mental health. That was a challenge at the start of a pandemic. In desperation, I received a Peleton, and I loved it so much. I crave endorphins. I like crazy classes fiercely. I want them to yell at me! I want to feel like I’m dying!

Christine Pride beauty uniforms

Thank you very much, Christine! We love you.

PS Many women share their beauty uniforms, including A comedian and My beloved aunt Lulu.

(Top portrait of Christine Han.)



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