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My diagnosis of a rare cancer kicked off the journey of self-discovery

I am a very resourceful and independent woman, and even then, I am still looking for other people and the outside world to find answers. I have been gone for a long time path of self-discovery to understand my new life.

I reached out to doctors outside of my chosen medical team who helped me learn more about my illness and gave me confidence in the treatment I am receiving. I also build relationships with those providers in the process and rely on them for further support and discussion.

I created a network of friends and family to provide me with the emotional support I need. I have been very selective about the people that I put into that network – I crave active and constructive peoplewho can not only provide me with love and support, but also someone who shares my values.

Friends who have experienced similar experiences offer suggestions and comfort. They helped me through the painful steps of the journey, such as losing my hair, or getting a quarterly checkup just to feel like my life was turned upside down again.

Through word of mouth, I have learned about alternative therapies that can complement my treatment and help me learn more about myself. I’ve tried everything that feels right for me: biological decoding, psychology, reiki, quantum healing, hypnosis, Acupressure, Supplement and change the diet. Each of these contributes to my happiness in some way.

During these therapies, I was faced with pent-up injuries from both my childhood and adult life, which I conveniently hid. Although the process may seem difficult at first, the removal of these injuries is essential for healing.

Eventually, I was able to integrate the concepts I learned from different therapies, and turn them into behaviors and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat I am now deeply committed to. I check myself regularly to decide if I need to make changes, as I’m constantly evolving.

With my cancer, I went into complete remission and continued to enjoy the relatively peaceful months. Unfortunately, I was faced with even more setbacks after that, which had more opportunities to learn and grow.



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