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My husband and his ex-wife agreed that he could claim their children with his taxes, but now she ‘demands’ half of their stimulus

Dear Quentin,

My husband got a message from his ex-wife asking for part of the latest aphrodisiac test for their two children. My husband received a stimulus check for their son because when settling a divorce, he is allowed to claim both sons as dependents of his tax as long as they can be claimed. He pays child support to his ex-wife.

He was offered this in negotiations because they couldn’t agree on the monthly support amount. He agrees to a higher pension ($ 200 extra a month) because he will be able to claim tax benefits. The pension is now complete and has paid her an equity amount of the home because he has kept it. That money is also paid.

“She tried to increase her child support, but she makes more now and my husband’s income is relatively the same, so that was denied.”

She received money from him for 6 years, and that ended about 3 years ago. I believe she didn’t adjust her budget when the pension ended, and now she is looking for ways to get more money from him. She tried to get child support, but she makes a lot more now and my husband’s income is relatively the same, so it was turned down.

He told her that he didn’t give her any stimulus money. She says he “owes” half of her because each should have a stimulus for one of the kids. He reminded her that he agreed to a higher support amount especially because he could ask for the kids. I agree with him that she should not accept any money.

I believe she will continue to ask for money. What should we tell her?

The second wife

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Dear second wife,

He gets an economic stimulus money for their two children because under their divorce deal, he requires them to pay taxes as his dependents. It would be difficult to find a legal way for him to hand over half of his child’s stimulus checks to his ex. The Internal Revenue Service has taken advantage of issuing stimulus checks to try to get cash to people as quickly as possible.

That doesn’t mean he deserves more money than his ex-wife, even if he agreed that he would treat their children as dependents. If they have joint custody, they should decide as parents and as adults in the room how they should spend on their children. If the ex-wife gets full custody of the boys, he should give her the money. These are emergency funds to be used Not as an example after a bitter divorce, but to help families in unfamiliar and uncertain times.

The language in your letter may seem confusing, possibly because you care about your husband and you believe she is the unreasonable person in the relationship. But you also just get his side of the story. Likewise, the people in her life hear sides of her story. Your theories about why she wanted the money were both bizarre and unfounded, and cloud an already complicated situation.

Let’s focus on adult film and put it on kids instead.

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