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My landlord exempted me from rent while I waited for Section 8 – 25 years later, she wants me to pay $ 1,700

Dear Moneyist,

25 years ago, I was renting a semi-detached house and was having economic difficulties. While I was waiting for Section 8 to help cover the two months’ rent, I continued to pay what I could.

I am also a single mother of two children with poor support from a father. The manager at that time was not very patient and decided to kick me out.

I talked to the owner of the apartment at that time about my troubles. I had been given up by her, but there are no letters or notes explicitly stating that. Three months later, Season 8 was passed. It was too late, and I moved on.

Fast-forward to 25 years later. The owner had a small black book and asked me to pay her back a loan that was supposed to have been waived years ago. She wants $ 1,700 from me today. So I’m left with the question: What should I do?

Payment or dispute

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Submit payment or dispute,

You have no legal obligation to dispute it. The statute of limitations for personal loans typically expires in the range of three to 10 years, depending on the status and circumstances of the loan. You did not receive a written waiver of your rent while you were waiting for Section 8 rental assistance, so you are technically in debt under the law at the time, unless you can convince the court that there is a verbal agreement.

I have a few questions for you, although my answer is still the same. Did the landlord get your Part 8 rental assistance at that time, even if you moved out? Or did you move out and get no paycheck during those two weeks? That will affect the amount the landlord has the right to claim (as opposed to the right to claim you by law). Your financial hardship must be tough, but it shouldn’t change the truth of the case.

It is likely that if Section 8 assistance is “passed,” the landlord may receive a portion of the rent subsidy for the length of time you are a tenant. I would also suspect that the landlord did not write off the debt within these 25 years. Meanwhile, neither you nor your former landlord may have the documents to prove anything – so if this goes to a legal action, the outcome may depend on where you live. A state or city has laws that are more conducive to tenants or landlords.

With that said, we don’t know what financial hardship the landlord is going through, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, so it wouldn’t hurt to have sentiments on that basis right now. Assuming you are able to pay the landlord this money and you live in their free rental building for two months in spite of your lease terms, I would urge you to pay $ 1,700. It will clear the board with the host. But perhaps more importantly, it will also be more obvious to yourself.

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