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My own son moved in with us before his father died and now he will not leave

One woman asked for help on how to get her stepchild out of her home and insisted they “have nothing to say about” and that he “doesn’t pay the rent”.

The Florida woman said her husband invited his 27-year-old son to move in with them shortly before he died sadly, and now she can’t make him leave.


The woman asks for advice on how to let her stepchild move out of the houseCredit: Getty

Please advise from Insiders Julia Naftulin, columnist resident journalist, woman revealed that her stepchild had moved in so he could get “more formal job training” that he was unable to get to where he lives with. his mother.

But he was only there for three months before his father tragically passed away, and according to his stepmother, he “had no plans to leave”.

The woman said he even had a “chance of moving in with a roommate” that she hopes he will embrace.

But when she asked him about it, he insisted they “wouldn’t get along” so he turned it down.

She said he didn't pay the rent, despite having 'substantial savings


She said he didn’t pay the rent, despite having ‘substantial savingsCredit: Getty

She went on to say that money is not an issue, that even though there is only one “low-paying job”, he has “substantial savings” and “extreme savings”.

“He doesn’t pay the rent, and only recently have I asked him to buy food and toiletries for himself,” she explained.

“We don’t like anything alike and nothing to talk to. I feel like the aliens in my own house.”

Florida has been advised to be determined but not compassionate to approach the subject with her stepchild, who is also clearly grieving the loss of his father.

Boundary setting and openness were also recommended, with Florida being advised to “approach him from a flat place.”

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