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My wary story – $ 11,000 is now in limbo after a $ 11 lapse on my 2020 tax return

I want to share how my little negligence turned into a much bigger problem. It all revolves around the timing of my family’s arousal test and some inheritance from my late father in 2019.

During our first stimulus last year, we received the full amount for our family of four. I intentionally waited to file my 2019 taxes last year, so the payout will be based on our 2018 profits. My dad passed away in 2019, and he has left us with just enough.

However, for the second round, I didn’t have many options. It’s based on a 2019 tax return, and there’s no other way. So our income is higher, and we get $ 1,900 instead of $ 2,400. I was fine with that. But the actual amount of the check was $ 1,911, not $ 1,900, and the problem lies there.

Our third stimulus was again based on a 2019 tax return instead of 2020. I got a new Economic Impact Payments card last week and the amount on it was just $ 131.04, instead of $ 5,600.

For round three, I want to rush through my taxes so that the stimulus payment will NOT be based on my 2019 taxes, but on our more typical earnings we receive. by 2020. We have to get the full amount, that’s $ 5,600 for the Four of us.

But when I did the 2020 taxes, I was surprised to learn that I could get an extra $ 500 from the second round if I filled in the blank boxes on my tax return. Turbo tax
Its credit, recommend me to enter exactly Exact stimulation I get for Round 2 to avoid delays.

I should listen. I think it’s a safe bet to leave it at $ 1,900 – not $ 1,911. There is a mistake I made. We’re about to get a tax refund of around $ 5,400 for 2020, because we donated a sizable amount of money to the charity last year with some of my father’s inheritance properties. I filed taxes better than a month ago, but it still only says “received” when I check the status. I think it was my 11 dollar mistake.

Due to this delay, our third stimulus was once again based on a 2019 tax return instead of 2020. I got our new Economic Impact Payments card last week and the amount above it is only $ 131.04, instead of $ 5,600. Since then, I have known that I can claim this amount, but not until the year after I file taxes in 2021.

Because of my mistake, I’m still waiting for our $ 5,400 return and our $ 5,600 stimulus payment, for up to a year. Noisy.

What do you say?


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Dear Tom,

Ouch is right.

I praise your stoicism in the face of your delays. And it’s just a delay. That is a good news.

Here are instructions from the IRS: “If there is an error with the credit amount on Line 30 of 1040 or 1040-SR, the IRS will calculate the correct amount, correct it, and continue to process the refund. If an adjustment is required, there may be a slight delay in processing tax returns and the IRS will send taxpayers a letter or notice explaining any changes. “

Here are some common reasons the IRS may have to correct a credit: You are claimed to be a dependent on someone else’s 2020 tax return. You did not provide an exact Social Security number. And the math errors involved in calculating adjusted gross earnings and (where you are accrued to your own currency) previously paid economic impact payments.

‘You have also touched on one of the most challenging aspects of the coronavirus pandemic: The game of waiting.’

“Taxpayers who receive a notice stating that the IRS has changed their 2020 credit amount should read the notice,” added the IRS. “Then they should review the 2020 tax return, the requirements and the job sheet in Instructions on the Form 1040 and the Form 1040-SR. ” You can also check here for more information to explain other mistakes that may have occurred.

Of course, you’re in a lucky position. You will survive without the test. But you’ve also touched on one of the most challenging aspects of the coronavirus pandemic: the game of wait. You think your stimulus test is in progress, but then you realize that you have made a mistake in filling out a form. Or you believe the restaurants will reopen and they will still do so until they are no more.

Behavioral economist George Loewenstein wrote about this phenomenon in an essay for MarketWatch. “One of the things that annoys waiting the most is uncertainty,” he said. “This is even true for good things. Waiting for a date, a vacation or a wedding that people believe will happen can be a mildly enjoyable thing, but the slightest bit of uncertainty, and the joy will disappear. “

You know that your stimulus tests are coming. I’m glad you chose to have fun in it.

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