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Myanmar Security Forces Leader of Ram Bike Race with unmarked vehicle – Radio Free Asia

Security forces in Myanmar arrested the leader of an anti-motorcycle rally on Thursday after crashing him with an unsigned car, while police and military killed eight people and arrested 30 protesters across the country in the past 24 hours, country sources told RFA.

25-year-old Muslim activist Wai Moe Naing used to be one of the most outspoken leaders of the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) against military robbery from the country’s democratically elected government February 1.

According to friends and colleagues, when Wai Moe Naing and other motorcyclists marched together in Monywa City, Northwest Sagaing, he was hit by an unmarked police car. to enter.

An unnamed local resident told RFA’s Myanmar Service that the motorcycle Wai Moe Naing was driving had intentionally crashed into a white civilian car.

“They went on their motorbike. Suddenly there was a loud crash and when I looked back I saw some people from the car holding guns, “the woman said.

“So we were closed, but we could still hear the sound of a beat outside. After a while, we heard our neighbors say they were marrying Wai Moe Naing. I can see his light blue motorbike lying on the road. He’s always riding that one, ”she said.

The incident video shows a black car crashing into a motorcycle. According to the Reuters news service, the license plate number of the vehicle did not match the model listed in the Myanmar vehicle database.

The reason for the discrepancy between the video footage and the woman’s narrative about the car’s colors was not immediately clear.

Another witness named Hein Zaw Win, a member of the protest committee in Monywa, told RFA that the car was waiting on its way for Wai Moe Naing and his crew to arrive.

“It crashed into his motorbike. We couldn’t see the men clearly, but Wai Moe Naing was able to get up after they hit him, ”said Hein Zaw Win.

“There are about eight of them in civilian clothing. People nearby who witnessed the incident said he was beaten before being taken away. We heard he is being held at Northwest Command, ”he said.

Six other people on motorbikes with Wai Moe Naing escaped in time.

Wai Moe Naing has led daily protests in Monywa since the first day of the coup. The RFA was unable to confirm reports that he may have suffered life-threatening injuries in the attack.

Cross-border flight

Meanwhile in the northwestern state of Chin, more than 1,200 anti-military activists have crossed the border to India to avoid violent crackdowns in the region, aid workers told RFA.

“Now all the young people are fleeing because there are household registration checks day and night. Authorities just need to come and arrest them whenever they want, ”an anonymous source told RFA.

“About two days ago, a friend from Matupi told me they were looking for CDM participants. Mostly medical staff. The party leader and the youth who left earlier are doing whatever they can to support the people of Matupi, ”she said.

The source said some CDM participants were arrested while others ran across the border to the Indian state of Mizoram. Chin, Myanmar’s poorest state, shares a border with Bangladesh.

The anti-military protests are no longer the same as they used to be last month, but the silent protests continue to take place every day, the source said.

The authorities issued orders against the leaders of the anti-military protest in Chin. Local residents say police have made at least 60 arrests related to anti-government protests in the towns of Mindat, Hakha, Tiddim, Falam and Htantalan.

On the night of April 9, troops and police raided the home of Kyain Dun Tain, a nurse from the Tiddim People’s Institute who assisted injured participants in the CDM, arresting her and her brother. Miss.

A family member told RFA that Kyain Dun Tain was charged under Section 505 (A) of Myanmar’s criminal code for spreading disagreements against the military, but her brother was later released.

“I was allowed to see them, but we couldn’t speak freely. They filed a lawsuit under Section 505 (a), but there are no courts here yet, ”said the family member.

Another operation leader, Khaing Khant Lian, was arrested on 9 April during a clash with the army in Tiddim.

A member of his family told RFA, “He was arrested around 11 p.m. on the 9thorder. When his friends called and told him the nurses were arrested, he went out to protest but he himself was arrested.

“He is currently detained in the army camp and is not allowed to see his family,” said the family member.

The military has issued a wanted warrant for 22 people in Chin state according to notices posted in public places, locals told RFA.

Meanwhile, in Myanmar’s second-largest city, Mandalay, security forces killed one protester and injured two others as they ran into the Sule mosque around 11 a.m. on Wednesday. .

Witnesses told RFA that a military truck was approaching the mosque, frightening bystanders. The soldiers then shot at those who ran into the building.

“I don’t know why they just stopped the car and shot at the building. The victim was shot in the back and the bullet pierced the chest. He’s a 30-year-old man, ”a rescue volunteer told RFA.

This is the second time the military has attacked people inside a mosque in months.

A fire broke out in a movie theater in Kyimyindaing, Yangon, Myanmar, on April 15, 2021. Source: Citizen Journalist

In downtown Yangon, an early morning fire destroyed Sein Yadanar cinema in the town of Kyeemyindine.

“It’s the movie theater near the Night Market. That’s where the fire started. Several small stores next to the theater were also burned, ”one witness told RFA.

RFA cannot confirm how the flame started. The town was the site of another recent fire, when five buses parked in front of the School for the Blind caught fire.

Five shots in Myitnge

In Myitnge in the Mandalay region, 5 men were shot dead and 30 others were arrested around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, residents told RFA.

Residents said the army opened fire on a village where a protest leader was hiding. Two of the deaths identified were 46-year-old Ko Zaw and 30-year-old Aung Chit Thu, who worked as masons. The RFA was unable to confirm the identities of the other three because the Internet was not available in Myitnge and the phone service was inconsistent.

About 60 miles in Myingyan, security forces shot in the stomach 23 years old Kyaw Ye Naing, who lived in the town of 2nd Ward, a witness told RFA.

“They tried to force the young man to pass by on a motorbike. He was shot trying to escape. They tied him up and dragged him to the front of the prison and they tortured him to death, ”the witness said.

Another man in town succumbed to the wounds he received more than two weeks ago. Wednesday. Pyae Phyo Aung Tayokekyi, 25, was shot in the groin on March 28.

In Myingyan’s 6order Ward, angry residents of Pyae Phyo Aung Tayokekyi’s death began to protest from behind temporary barricades when the army forces shot at them.

According to an RFA tally, security forces have shot and killed more than 720 people since the February 1 coup, including 24 from Myingyan.

The Association for Supporting Political Prisoners, a Myanmar-based human rights organization based in Thailand, said as of Thursday, 726 people have been confirmed dead and 3,151 are in the custody of the military regime.

In the town of Maha Aungmyay elsewhere in the region, three members of the Nibbana Thukha Social Welfare Association were arrested Wednesday night. They are said to be held within the palace grounds. A member of a charity group said they are trying to secure their release.

To date, at least 10 volunteers supporting protesters have been arrested in Mandalay.

Police and soldiers suppressed protests in Mandalay (4) .jpg
Police and soldiers suppress a protest in Mandalay, Myanmar, April 15, 2021. Source: Citizen Journalist

In Mandalay City, the police and the army broke down a demonstration of mid-76 medical stafforder and 34order street at around 9am on Thursday. They arrested a nurse and a medical technician but RFA was unable to confirm any further details.

An unnamed doctor said the protest took place in peace and that soldiers started the attack just minutes after it started.

In the town of Taungdwingyi in the mid-west Magway region, more than 200 soldiers have been deployed to besiege Pyin Chaung village since April 11. A villager told RFA that protesters and more than 1,000 The villagers were forced to leave their homes to go to nearby places. Forest.

The villagers said the soldiers ordered the villagers to return home or they would enter the forests armed and arrest.

Report of RFA’s Myanmar Service. Translation by Khin Maung Nyane. Written in English by Eugene Whong.



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