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MYOR to Launch NURTURE Precision Infant Care™ – Early Intervention Platform for Tackling Childhood Allergies – IHUB Partner Press Releases

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In good news for parents and healthcare providers, an innovative platform will be rolled out to clinics across the US in the coming months. 

The ‘NURTURE Precision Infant Care’ platform was devised by MedTech startup, MYOR, and has been launched with Horizon Pediatrics & Primary Care, Denver, Colorado. The groundbreaking solution accurately identifies high-allergy risk infants and provides guidelines for prevention and care. 

Predictive Analytics Gives Caregivers and Medical Professionals the Upper Hand Over Childhood Allergies 

Food allergies affect approximately 8% of children who, together with their families, struggle not only with uncomfortable disease symptoms but often with social and lifestyle difficulties as well. 

Scientists have long understood the strong link between atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema) and a host of childhood allergies – including food allergies, asthma, and hayfever. Now NURTURE has found a groundbreaking way to harness newborns’ data and use it as the basis of a highly accurate allergy-prediction tool. Couple this with NURTURE’s comprehensive preventive care plan, delivered via a user-friendly web platform, and you have a workable tool that empowers caregivers and health professionals in their battle to alleviate the burdens imposed by childhood allergies – including a $30 billion annual financial burden on the US government.

An Accessible and User-friendly Way to Manage Childhood Allergy Risk 

Highlighting NURTURE’s ability to empower both caregivers and health professionals to better manage childhood allergies, Idan Katz, MYOR’s CEO, said, “Caregivers across the country will be able to take control of the future of their children’s allergies and sleep better at night.” He added,  “MYOR is proud to help bring together families, healthcare providers, and technology in order to achieve this.”

A growing number of participating clinics across the US will soon be rolling out the solution at infants’ first well-baby visits. Caregivers wishing to participate fill out a short questionnaire while their baby undergoes a painless, fast non-invasive skin test. Together, this gives NURTURE all it needs to accurately identify newborns at risk of developing food allergies. 

Caregivers of children identified as ‘at-risk’ will then be invited to join The NURTURE Program. The AI-powered system takes each child’s individual risk profile and uses it to generate a personalized plan. Caregivers then gain access to the platform where they can receive customized advice on managing their newborn’s risk as well as tailored recipes and guidelines. As part of their NURTURE membership, they also receive specifically formulated nutritional and dermatological products.

Delighted at the collaboration with NURTURE, Dr. Isaac Melamed, Allergy Specialist and the Medical Director of the Horizon Pediatrics clinics said, “NURTURE is an ideal offering for our patients and complements our vision to provide the best healthcare service available today.” “We have long understood that allergic conditions should be addressed before they emerge. Finally, we have a product that helps us to do so,” he added.

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