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Nadine Coyle joins this week as guest artist of the week on the BBC singing games show

FANS is preparing for the second episode of the BBC’s latest guessing gameshow I Can See Your Voice.

The program has been cited as BBC’s response from ITV Singer wearing a mask with a host of celebrity faces ahead of the new show.

Amanda Holden, Jimmy Carr, Paddy McGuinness and Alison Hammond both return as host or moderator on the jury of celebrities.

And then Danny Jones – known as McFly’s singer-guitarist – was the guest artist on the opening episode of the quirky singing show.

However, this week sees former Girls Aloud and I’m A Celebrity stars Nadine Coyle trying to help contestants Jen and Nadine remove good singers from the underdog.

I can see your voice will kick off at 7:35 on BBC One – provided the FA Cup clash between Chelsea and Manchester City is not going too harshly.

Follow all the latest updates from episode 2 of I Can See Your Voice below …


    EEK Chezza jibe at the first minute.

    Stable on Jimmy Carr.

    Cheryl did not pout.



    There are only FIVE minutes left until the second episode of I Can See Your Voice.

    Wondering how many famous Amanda Holden friends are going to test the name this time!

    Must love her! Ha


    Paddy loves so much verbal cussion between the judges on hsow.

    He said: “I looked forward to being on the studio floor and seeing the relationship between those three develop, and I liked that when they started arguing with each other.”


    Confused about the program’s rules? So was Paddy at first.

    But just watch it and you’ll soon get the gist of it.

    Paddy confessed that he had questioned how the show would work when first came up with the idea, but revealed that his concerns were alleviated when he saw the chemistry among the directors. reference.

    He said: “On paper, I thought, ‘Does this work?’ But it works beautifully. “


    Each episode has four rounds of competitions, the opening round is called the First Impressions, where we meet six mysterious singers for the first time.

    Round Two is called Lip Sync, where the rest of the contestants go on stage to present a song.

    The third round gives the two teams the chance to learn more about the two singers they have chosen, while the final round – known as “Interrogation”, the guess has only 30 seconds to interrogate the last two singers and will have a list of 15 questions they can ask within a deadline

  • Really MCFLY

    Danny Jones from McFly was a special guest judge on last week’s show.

    He took the time off from dad’s duty to come and join the council – and got a kick while he was there.


    Its concept is inspired by original Korean show.

    Slowly, one by one, the number of singers will be cut down until we find out if the singer can finally hold the tune as they duet with famous guests in the music industry.

    The competitive factor means that if two players, backed by famous judges, manage to reveal the good singer – they win a cash prize.

    However, if a bad singer escapes detection, they will eventually steal money for themselves.


    So how can I see if your voice actually works?

    I Can See Your Voice sees members of the public, usually in two-man teams, trying and distinguishing between good and bad mystery singers.

    The difficult thing is they cannot hear them.


    Host Paddy McGuinness – home to an all-star cast.

    The show has three regular judges, along with a new celebrity guest judge every week.

    The trio that make up the jury are often comedians Jimmy Carr, TV gift Alison Hammond and actress Amanda Holden.

    Drastic or what!

    Golden lineup
    Golden lineup

    Remember the runway hit of the ITV Hidden Singer, where the pregnant Joss Stone won?

    I can see your voice, has been quoted as BBC’s response from ITV Singer wearing a mask .

    Not too shabby eyes!


    Fans can’t wait to see what’s on the second episode of the BBC’s latest gameshow show I Can See Your Voice at 19:35 tonight.

    Bet they can’t wait to see what Judge Amanda Holden will wear.



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