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Navalny, spokesman: ‘He is about to die, only a few days left’ – World

“People used to avoid the word ‘dead’. But now Alexey is dying. With his condition, it’s a matter of the day.” The rival spokesperson, Kira Yarmish, wrote on Twitter.

The situation of Russian rival Alexiei Navalny is “completely unfair”: Joe Biden said.

Doctors close to Navalny had asked to see him immediately, out of fear of stopping the heart “at any time”. The Kremlin’s main rival stopped eating on March 31 in protest of his poor detention conditions, accusing the prison manager of refusing to give him access to doctors and medicine because he missed his disc. double. Her personal doctor, Anastassia Vassilieva and three other doctors, including a cardiologist, requested immediate access to Navalny, sending a letter to the Russian prison authorities posted today on Vassilieva’s Twitter account. In the opinion of the doctor, Navalny’s blood potassium level has reached a “critical” level, meaning that kidney function is impaired and serious heart rhythm problems can occur, yes can happen at any time from minute to minute. Cardiologist Iarolav Achikhmine added on Fb: “A patient with such potassium levels should be admitted to the special care hospital, as potentially fatal arrhythmia can develop at any time. .


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