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Navalny Staff: ‘Moved to torture colony’ – Europe

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, April 19 – “The move to the IK-3 criminal colony was to move to the same torture colony, with only one large hospital, where critically ill people were transferred. This should be understood as the fact that Navalny’s conditions have become so bad that even the torture colony admits it. “Ivan Zhdanov, director of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, wrote on Twitter after the announcement on the relocation of dissidents in the IK-3 criminal colony hospital complex of the Russian Federal Penal Office (FSIN), in the Vladimir region, specializing in the observations of prisoners.

According to the prison administration, the facility was a “regional hospital for prisoners” and Navalny’s conditions were “satisfactory”: “He was visited by a general practitioner every day” and “with the patient’s consent, he was prescribed vitamin therapy”. But for Zhdanov “it is clear now that we are getting some kind of ‘good news’ about Alexey’s condition ahead of the rally. Don’t be fooled – he added -: we can only get information. Real news from the lawyers “. (HANDLING).


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