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Nba: Brooklyn appeared Sixers Head East – Basketball

The Nets are once again leading the East Conference, together with the Philadelphia Sixers. In a recovery match that took place tonight in the NBA game against Minnesota, which was postponed yesterday for public order reasons following the incident after a boy was killed by the police, the Brooklyn team won with the score. 127-97.
Six more challenges are planned for tonight’s shift. In the west, all of the best in the class win. First of all were the leaders of Utah Jazz, who bent Oklahoma 106-96. Then second, Phoenix, who defeated the Miami Heat 106-86.
Victory is also for the Clippers, third on the rankings, at Indiana with a score of 126-115. Also good evening for the Lakers, currently in fifth place, the team beat the Hornets 101-93. There was no Lebron James on the pitch to make a difference, but Paul George scored 36 points. Success also gave Hawks away on the Raptors for 108-103. Ultimately the success of measures for Boston’s 116-115 over Portland.


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