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NBA star LeBron James posts and then deletes the tweet about the cop who killed Ma’Khia Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James posted and then deleted a tweet on Wednesday about a police officer involved in the deadly shooting Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16 year old black girl from Columbus, Ohio.

In the tweet deleted since then, James wrote “YOU’RE NEXT” with an hourglass emoji and #ACCOUNTABILITY at the top end of a photo by police officer Columbus Nicholas Reardon, who shot Bryant while paying. 911 calls.

James’s tweet not well received by a number on Twitter
especially Conservatives: Senator Tom Cotton and Candace Owens, For example, criticizes James for tweet. The NBA star later deleted it, explained in a series of peoplelowly tweets that he does did so because of “It was used to create additional hatred.”

Officials with the Columbus Police Department the scene was released on Tuesday night just hours after it happened. The official on the 911 call said a person was being physically threatened. Here’s how the events of that night played out, according to the Associated Press analysis:

Officer Reardon took a few steps toward a group of people on the driveway as Bryant began to swing a knife frantically at another woman – the officer then shouted several times to get off. The policeman shot four shots, and a man immediately yelled at the policeman, “You don’t have to shoot her! She’s just a kid, man! “

The officer replied, “She has a knife. She just walked into her. “

The shooting of Bryant on Tuesday came shortly after a jury in Minneapolis found former policeman Derek Chauvin guilty of two counts of homicide and one manslaughter on charges. Black murderer George Floyd.

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As soon as that verdict was announced, LeBron James tweeted a word, “accountability. “

LeBron James was born and spent his childhood years in Ohio, where Ma’Khia Bryant took place.

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James was not afraid to talk about social causes he cared about, and even approved, the presidential candidates in the past two general elections.



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