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Nearly six years after the death of father Glenn Slater in New Jersey, family found a cell phone near the accident scene – CBS New York

MAHWAH, NJ (CBSNewYork) – Nearly six years after an accident took the life of a father in New Jersey, family members found one of his lost items and they say it renewed trust. news of them.

Every few months, Glenn Slater Jr., 33, returns to the position Mahwah where his dear father, Glenn, died tragically nearly six years ago.

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He swore that while there, he could feel his father’s presence.

“I just stopped by and just looked around and talked to him. Tell him I miss him and tell him what’s going on. He’s a very nice, very devoted, very caring father, ”Slater told CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon.

Slater said his whole family still struggled with death.

His 62-year-old father in West Milford was driving down a hill after completing his mountain work as a well drill in July 2015 when he was in an accident.

“The vehicle landed on him. He, um, they said it didn’t hurt, but he suffocated on the spot, ”said Slater.

For weeks, the family had been desperately searching the area, trying to find any of his belongings. Using metal detectors, they specifically searched for his phone.

“He has a lot of pictures on it. Maybe he was on the phone and that’s why he crashed, or maybe there was something on it that we needed to know, ”said Slater.

The phone never turned on… until now.

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Friday, in a frequent conversation with his father, Slater looked down and something caught his eye.

“I found the phone right there and picked it up, and I was surprised, just looking at it. It’s really surprising we searched this area a lot of rimes, ”he said.

For Slater, the discovery was a shock, but also a gift.

“When I was really here yesterday, I said to him, you know, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t think about you much’ and I went back and got the phone, you know, kind of speech , ‘Think about me,’ he said.

Slater said although the chances are slim, he will try to recover data from his cell phone. He hopes the SIM card will have photos and videos of his dad that the family can keep.

This finding renews the family’s belief that even after a loved one dies, they will always be with you, Slater said.

“A lot of times when people lose someone close to you, you wonder where they went, if you got the sign or not,” he said. “You really have to work hard looking for the signs and just keep believing and those things will come out. I think they never leave, they’re always there, in one way or another. ”

The family hopes their story will give confidence to others dealing with that loss.

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CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon contributed to this report.



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