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Negotiate. The story of people trying to save Moro – Chronicle

Unaudited sound of the Moro Commission, unpublished texts and images of Amintore Fanfani’s diary for 55 days, interviews with the protagonists of that tragic story. In 10 episodes, sub-content and images, a reenactment of an attempt to save the life of the President of the Christian Democratic Party, kidnapped on March 16, 1978 and assassinated on May 9 of the same year by The Red Brigade. An effort, fruitless and history will memorize it with a feminine noun: negotiation, as opposed to the word Firm, will mark a dramatic contrast between two lines of principle, a tragic episode. carpet in our political history.

You can first listen in the series to the coil of the Moro Commission hearings and read and view photos of the diary of those days written by Amintore Fanfani, then the President of the Senate. The archives edited by Francesco De Leo included the testimonies of Claudio Martelli, Franco Piperno, Claudio Signorile, Luciano Violante and Luigi Zanda.
Produced by Mondadori Scienza, the Storiainpodcast is an unprecedented and exclusive journey into the past, featuring 10 themed channels, geared towards a large community of history buffs to retell the background events. human civilization. Contemporary historians and popularists interpret past events in an innovative and technological format – podcasts – that are changing the world of information.

On ansa.it, the passage from Bettino Craxi’s hearing with the Congressional Investigative Committee on the Via Fani massacre on Aldo Moro abduction and murder can be heard for the first time in Italy ( November 6, 1980) from a scroll kept in the Republic Senate’s Historical Archive and declassified in July 2020 by Senate President Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati and by the President of the Library Committee and The Gianni Marilotti Senate Historical Archive.

Check out some photos of the diary signed by Amintore Fanfani, the president of the Senate during Aldo Moro’s imprisonment.
Listen to the testimony of the two main characters of the story: Luciano Violante and Franco Piperno. Violante, an authorized member of the Italian Communist Party at the time, answered the question of whether everything was done for Moro’s safety. Franco Piperno, then the leader of Autonomia Operaia, an out-of-parliamentary leftist movement, spoke of the rift created in the Red Brigade following his decision to kill a prisoner and his meeting in Rome with Brigadier General Mario Moretti just a month after Moro was murdered.


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