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NetZero mycelium orbs helps to increase carbon capture and more

It seems that whatever question is intrinsically the mycelium is the answer. For the past 12 years, a mycologist duo have focused specifically on reproducing the magic of mycelium in ways that can benefit Environment in every forest, field, and yard.

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Called the mycelium sphere, these treatments can double the amount of carbon that US lawns collect. It’s easy to use by simply adding the sphere to the watering can or spray bottle. A single application can last for at least 10 years. It can be used anywhere, from commercial farming to simple backyard lawns. Treatments rejuvenate the soil and help the plant thrive. Processed tree Can capture one ton of carbon per year or 10 tons per application. That is an estimated 20% increase in carbon reductions. In addition, the mycelium spheres are pet and human friendly and require no maintenance.

The two mycelium dispensers are decorated to look like a mushroom and planet Earth.  Each one has a smiley face drawn on it.

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NetZero, the company behind the sphere, started in 2008 when two scientists came up with a mixture that enhances the carbon uptake of all living plants. The innovation is based on the historical symbiotic relationship between the fungus and the surrounding plant. The mycelium not only acts as an underground communication system throughout the forest layer, but has also been shown to increase the resilience and health of the soil. This makes it easy for plants and plants to absorb Country and nutrients.

A green hooded and blue dress hugs a tree.

Four years after early development, after field testing in more than a dozen parks, farms and terraces gardenCurrent US CEO Joseph Kelly, acquired IP rights for NetZero and hired a dozen scientists to continue his work. The result is an innovative blend that has won a number of sustainability awards, especially for a focus on reducing carbon footprint.

Four people stood on the tractor's shovel.

NetZero initially focused on commercial customers, but in the process pandemic The year 2020 sees a new opportunity to facilitate a fast and efficient carbon reduction – the US lawns. Through a The Kickstarter campaign, the project has raised more than 150,000 dollars. The NetZero fiber spheres are now available at the retail level, so everyone can help with the cause.

A woman in red pants and a red gold vignette shirt holds a child, while another child in a red dress sits next to them.

Even with the incredible innovations already in place, NetZero has even bigger global goals. This took shape in 2017 when the company launched the Sacred River Climate Project (SRCP), an initiative that focuses on conserving biodiversity and habitats, cleaning air, water, and plastic pollutionand empowering women in developing countries. These are not only SRCP targets, but also represent the United Nations development targets for 2030.

A group of six young people are dancing in a forest.

To this end, groups around the world are currently planting transplanted food forests mycelium orbs. In 2019, the project planted a forest in Nepal, and this work continues with developments in Bali and Uganda. Each of these locations offers jobs and purposes for local women. Now, the SRCP has a growing list of communities that require forests.

COVID has made it difficult to expand the project, causing problems with funding and accessibility to the site. However, SRCP continues to overcome obstacles to achieving its goals, currently launching new websites in Costa Rica, Israel and Bhutan.


+ Sacred River Climate Project

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