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New ambitions towards public value

As the COVID crisis continues, the concept of public value has become ever more strategic for society. The concept of public value is tied to the state’s effective capacity to provide society with adequate tools and solutions important to the well-being of its citizens and organizations.

There is an ongoing discussion of the state’s parameters regarding its relationship to the market and their subsequent cooperation. The pandemic has forced public institutions to redesign the aspect of their operations to come up with their different policies.

But it is also a great opportunity to give public value a new ambition, one that focuses on innovation and intelligence as the drivers of a new context of trust with people and organization. This new ambition of public value must be the best way to motivate a new set of effective answers to the various questions that society poses with this complex and uncertain crisis.

Public policy exists to serve the people and they must understand this as a sense of urgency in a perpetual fiduciary contract. When Timothy Garton Ash talks about the growing opportunity and the need to implement a new public value agenda, it is clear that he is giving evidence for one of the central elements of the present type. Great competition that characterizes our time. More than ever, we ensure the repositioning of public values ​​as the driving force behind social outcomes. This will come with the support of knowledge, innovation and competitiveness which are attributes capable of giving citizens a new belief in the future. It is important for society to realize the importance of this new public value ambition.

In the new global economy and a new society, public value is central to the reproduction of social actors in the way they interact with society and in determining co-creation processes for the future. hybrid. In times of change, this must assert itself as the leader in a very traditional system by introducing into society and in the economy, a capital of trust and innovation, which is essential. to ensure central leadership role in a competitive world.

Redefining the public value program is not dictated by law and it must involve all stakeholders of the social ecosystem in a dynamic and adaptive change process, with a focus on compatibility. hybrid.

A new concept of public value must also be a global agent capable of driving the social matrix towards a single motive of knowledge. It should be an example of effective capacity building focusing on the roles of talent and networks as assets that can make a difference to the future.

Public institutions will have a tremendous challenge to restart, reconnect, and innovate in terms of capacity. Our society must redefine our vision and ideas of the role of the public in the strategic context for the future, and with only a value focus being able to secure the confident commitment we want. and need.

It is a collective ambition to mobilize our best efforts and energies in a very creative way that can make society better and more self-fulfilling. The time we face will be a huge challenge to bring a sense of hope to our collective future. The value that we, in general, create – and effectively appropriated by citizens and organizations – must be an ambition that we must build individually and collectively.



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