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New house? You need advice on cleaning the house from an expert

WWhen moving into a new home, the most important step begins before you start storing your belongings. Step in there and remove all dirt, grime and grime left by the previous residents and you will settle in with a new space. Melissa Maker, CleanMySpace YouTube channel’s host, is here to share her cleaning tips.

Maker, who is also the founder of cleaning company based in Toronto, said: “There is this invisible dirt that we all know is there from ‘other people’. Clean up my space. “Whenever I move, I always want a clean place so I don’t feel like someone else is living there. I don’t see a hair and wonder if it’s mine or someone else’s. We wanted to start in a home like our own and set the stage for that experience of cleaning. “

This is especially true if the previous residents did not leave this place in excellent condition.

You will need to take some serious time to clean up if the people in the front of your new home are smokers, if they have pets, if they are not particularly good at keeping the house clean. “There are maintenance things they probably don’t do that you don’t want to pay attention to, if they haven’t cleaned their dishwasher filter in 10 years, or if they haven’t cleaned the pipes in 10 years. years, those are all the things you want to remove from your list before settling down. “

In the best case, you want to clean your new home from top to bottom before cleaning your stuff.

“You want free space because free space is the easiest place to navigate,” says Maker. “Having access to all the areas that would otherwise be covered with furniture is really the opportunity you only get when you move. So we want to make the most of your free space. And when it’s empty, you can get the job done more quickly and efficiently.

Because of the empty space, deep cleaning will take less time than cleaning a furnished home. Think about your spring cleaning efforts. Doing the same job in an empty house will take about 50 to 70 percent of the time. However, even if you can’t get everything cleaned up before packing it in, there are ways to keep the cleaning process going smoothly and smoothly.

Living room and bedroom

With an empty room, you don’t focus flick off dust Maker says. “[Focus on] windows, curtains, inside cabinets, baseboards help keep the floor clean, ”she said. “If you have a vent or a radiator, you can go in there and clean it up well.”

Getting these jobs done is especially important if you can’t clean the whole house before you move in. In this case, Maker says clean up the spaces where large furnishings will land first.

“You won’t be able to move the giant sofa, the king-size bed or the vanity. When it’s there, it’s in there, “said Maker. focus on that and then everything else you can do part by piece, but with note, it will take longer. ”

Alternatively, you can try to move all of your boxes to an area in the house so you have access to clean everything else. “Once done, you can extract the rooms that you used to store last time, and you can clean them up right before unpacking them,” says Maker.

Kitchen and bathroom

Next, you’ll want to treat your kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen It will take the longest time to clean. Depending on the size of your kitchen, it can take anywhere from one to four hours to get your kitchen really clean, meaning you are cleaning all appliances and all drawers. . Pay extra attention to the stovetop, sink, microwave, oven, fridge and floor, as they tend to the dirtiest things in your kitchen.

Depending on your status bathroom, the cleaning will not take too much time. “If I had to get all my products out of the bathroom right now, it would be very time consuming,” says Maker. “But if it’s just an empty bathroom, leave a drawer open, vacuum the drawer, wipe it down, wipe the counter, wipe the sink. “Those things don’t take tons and tons of time.”

General organization

When your space feels nice and clean, you can focus on unpacking and sorting. Just make sure to take your time and move in a way that suits the way you want to live.

“The good thing about mobility is that it really gives you a blank chance. You can use it as a time to deliberately think and approach how you organize, research, decompress, etc., ”says Maker. “You can go over your stuff and say, ‘Do I need them? Will this serve me well in my new home? ‘And it might not be, but I’d say rather than just mindlessly freeing up the job to get the job done, try and put the limit on your critical thinking while you’re doing it. You will prepare for success in your new home. “

And as you keep shuffling boxes, Maker says you’ll want to keep cleaning up as you move. “Just vacuum cleaner Daily. Maker says: Moving and unzipping will create a lot of dirt and clutter. “Doing a little tidying up every day after you finish unzipping will really help keep your house clean.”

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