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New Jersey, Ground Zero for swing districts

Why your vote matters: New Jersey, Ground Zero for surrounding areas

October 26, 2018, 7:00 am by Sam Wang

There are many congressional regions across the country. And right here at Princeton, we have an exceptionally close race density.

Within 25 miles of Princeton are the three counties of Congress, of which the October poll is central [NJ] [PA] show two candidates within 1 or 2 percent of each other:

7th NJ (Malinowski-D vs. Lance-R-inc), 3rd NJ (Kim-D vs. MacArthur-R-inc) and PA 1st (Wallace-D vs. Fitzpatrick-R-inc). And there are a few more races that are judged to be almost competitive.

In these regions, voting for your favorite candidate is especially powerful. In terms of influencing the probability of who controls the House of Representatives in 2019, voting in these counties will be ~ 100 times stronger than voting by yourself in the less competitive district.

It’s going to rain this weekend, but it’s a better time to pass – everyone will be at home!

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