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New NYPD ‘Digidog’ Robot questions New Yorkers – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New NYPD technology has some people perform twice and ask questions.

It was a robot shaped like a dog.

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Monday afternoon, at 344 East 28th Street, police reacted to a man fenced after a domestic argument.

Sadly, it was an overly common situation, but it caught attention.

This is one of the first times the public has seen NYPD’s new digidog, full of cameras and microphones. It is dangerously approachable and returns images and sound directly.

MSA security advisor Justin Kelley used to lead the Connecticut SWAT team.

“It allows them to really come up with a plan together, to get eyes in there without having to put a human body in it,” he told CBS2’s Tony Aiello. “Really giving you real-time information crucial for any such scene.”

He believes that technology like digidog can save lives and money.

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“There will be instances where they can determine that the person is not in the residence, so a seven-hour wait time could be 90 minutes. There’s savings there, ” he said.

Critics “Defund the Police” have made headlines on social media, portraying digidog as a frightening example of overly militarized police and for a price tag of $ 75,000, it’s a waste.

“They have military equipment, and now they have robot dogs on the streets. Right now, we are oppressing robots even more, ”said Rep. Jamaal Bowman.

Digidog is manufactured by Boston Dynamics, which continues to develop accessories, including arm attachments.

NYPD policy outlines the limited use of robots for “situational awareness” in dangerous scenes.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would talk to police about it.

“If in any way it makes everyone unsafe, we should rethink the equation,” he said.

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Police robots have been around since the 1970s but never quite like this.



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