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New UK challenge to see if people can get COVID again | News about the pandemic coronavirus

Research aims to deepen immunity and help design better treatments and vaccines.

British scientists conducted a deliberate trial of participants who had COVID-19 exposed to coronavirus again to test for immune responses and to see if people were re-infected.

In February, Britain became the first country in the world to initiate a so-called “challenge challenge” in humans, in which Volunteers deliberately exposed COVID-19 to promote research disease caused by coronavirus.

The study released on Monday differs from the study published in February as it seeks to re-infect people who previously had COVID-19 in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of immunity, rather than infection. infect people for the first time.

“The information from this work will allow us to better design vaccines and treatments, and understand people,” said Helen McShane, the study’s primary immunologist and investigator. be protected after COVID and for how long.

She added that this work will help to understand the protective immune responses against reinfection.

Scientists have used human-challenging trials for decades to learn more about diseases like malaria, flu, typhoid and cholera, and develop treatments and vaccines that fight off. them.

The first phase of the trial will seek to establish the lowest coronavirus dose needed so that it begins to regenerate in about 50% of participants, while producing little or no symptoms. The second phase, which begins in the summer, will infect different volunteers with that standard dose.

During stage one, up to 64 healthy participants, 18-30 years old, infected with coronavirus at least three months ago will be re-infected with the original strain of SARS-CoV-2.

They will then be isolated for at least 17 days and monitored, and anyone who develops symptoms will be treated with Regeneron monoclonal antibodies.



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