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New York City officials focus on efforts to overcome COVID vaccine hesitancy – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – National decrease in the number of people vaccinated COVID-19 are pushing politicians and business leaders to find all the stops to overcome the vaccine hesitancy.

Have walking service and all forms of encouragement, CBS2 political correspondent Marcia Kramer reported on Friday. But are they effective?

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(credit: CBS2)

The American Museum of Natural History Place a 6-foot strip of ice over the left fin of its giant blue whale as a lure New Yorkers to get a Covid preventive vaccine. But so far, the creative gimmick doesn’t seem to work.

CBS2’s camera found a virtually empty room – technicians standing around and waiting for patients.

So the museum is speeding up.

Museum president Ellen Futter said: “Everyone who is vaccinated here will receive a coupon for up to four return visits in the future.


This move comes as demand for COVID capture is decreasing across the country. About 3 million people are vaccinated daily – down 11% from the seven-day average.

Vaccine hesitation seems to be a big reason why.

“I have absolutely no faith in that,” said Tenisha Ortiz. “The medical system has no history of cures, it has a history of covering up the symptoms.”

“I work at the hospital, but I didn’t understand when it first appeared,” Zenesi Salazar from Bronx.

“I’ll wait, I guess the community is hardworking, let everyone else get vaccinated, and then I’ll be fine,” DeShawn Pierce from Newark.

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Now, people are trying to offer incentives. Insurance company Cigna is giving 65,000 employees $ 200 in their health spending accounts if they are fully vaccinated, plus time off for vaccinations.

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New York City moved to make it easier for everyone to get vaccinated. Major Bill de Blasio indicates that the city’s immunization points will allow anyone to live in the state and qualify step in without an appointment.

“You want to recover? Get vaccinated, ”de Blasio said.


New York officials are also looking to make adjustments.

“We’ll make it fun and we’ll make it easy and we’ll make it fun in many ways and there’s more to say about it in the coming weeks, ”Said de Blasio.

“And that’s what we are trying to do now. Access. You just walk up, we’ll bring it to you, we’ll come to your community, we’ll go to your housing, we’ll go to your elderly’s home, ”said Governor Andrew Cuomo.

You can also go and get vaccinated at certain state-regulated sites. The Governor has also announced five new pop-up addresses for bodega salesmen and supermarkets.

See the report by Marcia Kramer

Meanwhile, the city of Hoboken is now hoping to return Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine to seniors at home after that program and some clinics have been suspended.

“J&J is important because it is a cure, and for those who are hard to access, it’s a real boon for us,” said Leo Pellegrini, Hoboken’s director of health and human services. “Looks like there’s a supply right now, so don’t hesitate.”

“If there is a hesitation with Johnson & Johnson, how do you plan to get over that at Hoboken?” Jessica Layton of CBS2 asked.

“I think the best way to get past it here in Hoboken is just to communicate to the public … and hopefully we can continue to rebuild that confidence,” said Pellegrini.

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CBS2’s Jessica Layton contributed to this report.



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