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New Yorkers are using public transport at the highest prices in over a year

New data shows Americans are left open to shutdowns and track the distance between trains and platforms at their highest level in more than a year.

In New York City, ridership as of April 19 was 36% lower than pre-pandemic levels but more than doubled from last year’s low, according to data from Moovit, an app. Mobile owned by Intel.

Help 950 million daily users around the world plan and book trips by public transport.

The return to using public transport occurs when more than 25% of the total US population is fully immunized against COVID-19 and nearly 40% of Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

The total traffic on New York City’s bridges and tunnels is even close to their pre-pandemic levels, according to the data from the MTA. On April 17, traffic was only 3.7% lower than on April 17, 2019.

According to a survey of more than 33,000 riders conducted by the Urban Transport Authority earlier this month, many New Yorkers are reluctant to return to public transport not out of fear of health. strong, but safety concerns.

The survey found that about 36% of New Yorkers who relied on public transport before the pandemic were avoiding it “for crime and harassment”. This happens in context anti-Asian attacks in the city.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Fla., Public transit ridership has returned to pre-pandemic levels, according to Moovit data.

Americans in the Miami-Dade County area have benefited from free bus and subway rides since March 22 of last year – but will have to start paying pre-pandemic fares starting January 1 Six.

Nationwide, about 21% of employed Americans continued to work remotely as of March, compared with May last year, when more than 35% of Americans worked remotely, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. the data.

Amid the increase in the number of people on public transport, Americans have also fly at their highest prices during the pandemic, according to the airport control station data released by the Transport Security Department.

Earlier this month, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxed travel guidelines for vaccinated Americans, saying they can travel in the country without testing or quarantine.

However, the agency still advises not to travel because the risk of spreading COVID-19 to unvaccinated people is increasing.



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